I want to do how to do it, how to enter the industry

There is no job at present, I want to do it, I don't know where to learn technical techniques

5 thoughts on “I want to do how to do it, how to enter the industry”

  1. Don't believe that joining a company is deceiving. The national regular website of the certificate cannot be found. There may be a few people who stole the pictures every day, saying that there are partners, in fact, they are all entrusted and find someone to take pictures. What the post -service service is said at all. For example, Shanghai Kangya, who had learned before, founded it for three months, and said that he was an old company for more than ten years. There were only five or six people in the company. What after -sales team is deceiving.

  2. First go to the local labor employment security center to take the COP operator's primary certificate and see if you have any disinfecting company there can be interviewed

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer to eliminate disinfecting is already an industry. Some people have just started and do not know where the direction is, and do not know how to develop customers; some people solve the food and clothing, hundreds of thousands a year; The greater the sweetness, and some of them are difficult and very hard. The same is true for this industry. Money will always be made for the tranquils. The layman is in the interior. Learning is a bridge. Various learning in the market, how do we choose some of the masters and apprentices, pay a part of the money, and take it to the scene every day to work hard. Only the scene, lack of systematic theory learning, and comprehensively understand the industry. The level of the master determines the cognition and understanding of the industry, and the level. Some are joining, many hope to join, learn technology, and use the entire set of information to use the franchise company. This industry is a technical service industry. There is no uniform standard for services. Unlike products or some drinks, unified products, unified brands, and unified standards. There are brand effects. This industry has not yet had brands in the minds of consumers across the country. The joining the company actively joined. Many times, the teachers' industry experience and technology are insufficient. After joining, it is found that the effect is very small. In fact, when engaged in this industry, we must first understand and comprehensively learn. You must know how to eliminate the seven systems of the industry:

  4. Those who violate the law repeatedly. But if you want to do what you want to do, you can pay more attention to those who do this kind of business to ask them.

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