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  1. The prospects of this industry are still good, because after the rough systems of the past two or three decades, the high -precision and difficulty development of the current stage, all walks of life in China are developing mechanized automation at this stage, and even the Country Garden of real estate has to be robots. What do these rely on rely on CNC processing. And the country is also mentioning "The Spirit of the Artisan", and it is made in 2025 in China, so the prospect is still available! But it is not easy to achieve something in this industry! This industry is durable, slow, and widely involved. Learning for three or five years can only be regarded as entry. You must understand the relevant auxiliary equipment of the CNC industry. The design of the tooling fixture, machine tool maintenance, simple maintenance, etc. must be understood, and there are more jobs, because each company is good at different noodles, to do more products of different categories to exercise experience. Anyway, you must continue to learn. The kind that can never be learned forever! Otherwise, you can't find a job in a company for ten years. Let me talk about finding a job. If you want to get too much money, you need to have a certain management experience and pressure resistance. Otherwise, it is difficult to get high salary. Of course There must be a sense of crisis if you do it, because many companies have encountered a few difficult products and then digging people at high salaries. When you solve these problems, the company starts to find someone to take over, and then you may be unemployed. Over

  2. If you arrive in CNC in several years, people in some industries will inevitably complain, thinking that the NC major has a hard work, a meager salary, and a bleak prospect. However, in recent years, with the continuous development of my country's industry, the manufacturing industry has made great progress, and the status and prospects of CNC majors have changed. For students in CNC technology, the employment prospects and employment directions of CNC technology are the primary problems. In order to help everyone better choose the employment direction, I have compiled the relevant content of CNC technology for your reference.
    . Introduction to CNC technology
    The professional knowledge and operating skills in this major mainly cultivated the principles of CNC, CNC programming and CNC processing, engaged in CNC programming, operation, commissioning, maintenance, and maintenance, maintenance and maintenance Technical management, compilation of CNC machine tool processing procedures, operation, commissioning and maintenance of CNC machine tools, high -level technical application for CNC equipment management.
    . Employment direction of CNC technology
    The graduates of this major are mainly for the operation, sales, process, equipment maintenance and other departments of large and medium -sized enterprises and institutions of the Pearl River Delta. Operator, CNC programming craftsman, CNC CNC programming, CNC equipment maintenance personnel, NC equipment marketers. In addition, it can also engage in CAD/CAM software applications, sales and technical services of CNC systems or equipment, installation, commissioning and maintenance of CNC equipment, and workshop production organization and management. The nature of the graduates of CNC technology application majors is as follows: 58%of the three -funded enterprises, 26%of state -owned enterprises, 9%of private enterprises, and 5%of others.
    . Employment prospects for the majors of CNC technology
    Tramid technology majors are a kind of knowledge -intensive technology that integrates machinery, electricity, liquid, light, computer, and automatic control technology. The foundation of flexible and integrated production is also an indispensable material means to improve product quality and improve productivity.
    The widespread application of CNC technology in the machinery manufacturing industry has become a powerful driving force for the development of the national economy. After joining the WTO, with the rapid development of the economy, China is gradually becoming a "World Manufacturing Center". The CNC rate has become one of the important indicators to measure the level of technology and economic strength of a country or enterprise The proportion of CNC equipment in quantity).
    What is the employment prospects of CNC technology? The widespread application of CNC technology has promoted the development of the national economy. If the national economy wants to continue to develop and develop, it must be continuously advanced and applied by CNC technology. Therefore, the demand for the skills of CNC technology is in short supply. The employment prospects are still very objective. It is worth reminding that the current majority of enterprises pay attention to holding their certificates. It is recommended that students take more relevant professional certificates during school during school, which is of good benefits for finding a job in the future.

    It hope it will be helpful to you!

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