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  1. You can search the contact information of customers in the industry through Ali Wangwang, and then contact them through trade through trade to ask if you need your products. To reply to each inquiry with your heart, actively help everyone who needs help, and be friends with everyone who contacts you. Even if the sale is not for the time being, the seeds of the next transaction are planted. A person you have helped today is likely to be your customer tomorrow; friends who talk to you today are likely to give you a big order tomorrow. At the same time, the recommendation function of Ali Wangwang's business friends, knowing 10 business friends every day, and 3,650 business friends in one year. From this, the chance of customers and orders is actually very large.n2. Use the information ranking and related functions. Reset product information during the time period, make keywords accurately match the product, and apply for integrity members, so that your product information ranking can be advanced in advance. If you are not proficient in the skills of information ranking, you can also open online sales treasures, so that the ranking will always be the top. You can also apply for a gold booth, get a lot of valuable exposure, and finally get orders.n3. Make good use of Alibaba's community, business scriptures, blogs to expand influence, exposure, and establish connections, and obtain orders indirectly.nA uses a good blog. You can insist on posting about 5 types of blog posts every day. You can introduce your corporate culture. It can be a fun thing at work or foreign trade skills. The product.nB make a good forumnEssence You can post more posts on the Ali Forum and communicate in depth with your colleagues. You can also actively participate in various activities, meet businessmen and get exposure.nC uses a good business. The business is the best business Q

  2. Integrity is a stall built on Alibaba. Through this booth, you can directly sell your products in Alibaba, the world's largest trading market, and promote your business and products. It is mainly used to solve the problem of network trade credit. Specialized for the development of enterprises and provide strong services.

    "Integrity" is a domestic trade member product launched by Alibaba in March 10, 2002.

    Is to search optimization for enterprises, business staff and other smart e -commerce services; based on Alibaba online large markets, provide basic network trade services such as construction, priority display, and exclusive buyer information; Establish services such as integrity files, provide credit inquiry and integrity guarantee; provide enterprises with enjoyment of enjoyment, logistics, loans and other exclusive services.

    The integrity-online shops
    Teon-to-see online shops to help sellers can publish product pictures and buy and sell information, make full use of online marketing products, and enjoy each of Alibaba markets. Priority:
    The information ranking, enjoy buyer information, use online contact and customer management tools for free.
    The strong brand world's largest online trading market, 2005 Social Sciences report showed that Alibaba accounted for 87.2%of the B2B market;
    The number of buyers Alibaba registered 4.87 million Update once every two hours, only open to integrity members;
    The value of 3.43 million new inquiries per month; Each message of integrity members can receive 6-7 buyers feedback on average!
    Alibaba has 4.87 million registered buyers, with a daily number of visits as high as 39.49 million, and the purchase opportunities are available every day. Nearly 800 big buyers around the world have used Alibaba to purchase, covering more than 30 industries. Once a week, purchase special session, and to hold popular industry online procurement purchases every two hours to be updated every two hours. Alibaba's purchasing business opportunities are rich in fresh Alibaba sellers, and the Internet presents small market regional small markets.
    1975 new members daily. Alibaba has 9.45 million business users, and suppliers cover 37 industries. Alibaba is the largest source distribution center on the Internet. China's regional characteristic industries have formed a distinctive industrial belt on Alibaba, and the competition is hot. The monthly supply and demand business opportunities are 16.58 million, and more than 120,000 suppliers who have been reviewed by identity have been reviewed.
    Alibaba market can also reduce transaction costs, increase sales channels, and expand customer bases; cultivate network trade experience, and lay the foundation for future e-commerce Corporate identity confirmation allows buyers to rest assured
    The company identity confirmed through third -party independent institutions that corporate transactions were recorded and accumulated for a long time, so they enjoyed the advantage in competition and became the first choice for buyers. The survey shows: 85%of buyers and 92%of sellers give priority to choosing business with integrity members!
    Enterprise identity authentication instructions
    Enterprise identity authentication refers to the verification of corporate identity authentication agencies on "whether the enterprise identity company is legal" and "whether the applicant of an enterprise identity certification is a identity certification company".
    If information of enterprise identity authentication includes company registration name · Company registered address · Applicant name · Applicant's department, applicant position
    , Australia and America Consultation
    The advantages of integrity
    The integrity certification logo and ordinary members are obviously distinguished in identity. It is the trust and the first choice of buyers, so that the seller will give more orders priority
    The integrity index is first seen by customers. With a high integrity index, your information is prioritized and customers can find you faster. There are thousands of business opportunities and integrity first. Through corporate identity authentication, certificate and honor, credit reference person, Ali activity record, member evaluation, can show their integrity and trust customers.
    The integrity-security transaction
    Alipay is an online shop that supports security transactions. You can use Alipay to pay safely, and the goods and models in transactions are safe! Integrity members enjoy the full payment service commitment of Alipay at the same time. Alipay users exceed 10 million people. Practice has proved that Alipay is "safe, simple, and fast", suitable for businessmen!
    The membership of integrity, buying and selling transactions can use Alipay security transactions. Alipay is an online security payment tool launched by Alibaba. In the transaction, the goods and funds are safe. The seller's money arrived only when it arrived.
    The integrity-online service
    · Unique A

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello ~ Dear ~ This is Alan Xia 9. I am glad to answer your doubts for you. Your question has been received. It is sorting out the answer. Please wait patiently for three minutes. Thank you. [Flowers]n1. Do free members. The effect of the year is not very good, but you can also sell orders. 2. Do paid members, the effect is obvious, the website automatically promotes, and then customers can choose the product to place orders, so that you are constantly profitable and the goods are very abundant. 3. According to the activities of the website, you can participate in some. This can better promote the product, so that you can receive a stable order and make your products sell better.

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