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  1. Financial leasing companies are divided into foreign financial leasing companies registration and domestic financial leasing company registration. Among them, foreign financial leasing companies are divided into two types: wholly foreign -owned and Sino -foreign joint ventures. Of course, foreign -funded financial leasing companies include the Ministry of Commerce and provincial and municipal -level commercial committees to be approved. The domestic financial leasing company is confirmed by the Ministry of Commerce and the International Taxation Administration to confirm the approval.
    The financial leasing company supervised by the Banking Regulatory Commission currently has twelve companies. They are: ICBC Leasing, Building Xinxin Leasing, Huarong Leasing, Minsheng Leasing, Jiangsu Leasing, and Traffic Bank Leasing.
    The recruitment of banking leasing, national banking leasing, foreign trade leasing, Shanxi leasing, Hebei leasing, in addition to Xinjiang leasing, there are newly approved Everbright Leasing, Agricultural Bank of China Leasing, Industrial Leasing, Kunlun Leasing, Cinda Leasing, etc. Five financial leasing companies.
    The Sino -foreign joint venture leasing company supervised by the Ministry of Commerce. At present, there are no 36 here. There are no one by one. You can check it online. More than 10,000 domestic leasing companies are supervised by the Ministry of Commerce, provincial and municipal departments, and commercial bureaus.
    low threshold, low threshold, low threshold! Compared with the other three free trade zones, the threshold of the former sea registered financial leasing company is lower, the approval is easier to pass, the industrial advantages are obvious, and the financial industry reform continues to lead. First, third.
    The headquarters of banks, trust investment companies, and financial leasing companies, on the basis of meeting financial supervision regulations, due to business development need to increase registered capital, one -time capital increase rewards
    registered capital increases by 3 billion yuan The above (including 3 billion yuan, the following push according to this), the reward is 10 million yuan; if it is less than 200 million yuan, more than 2 billion yuan, the reward is 5 million yuan; ;
    Senior management personnel "refers to the general manager (deputy general manager), business supervisor, financial supervisor, risk control supervisor, and operation supervisor, a total of three places;
    The corresponding professional qualifications" refers Professional knowledge and obtain relevant practicing licenses issued by the industry authorities or authoritative institutions, generally have a bachelor's degree or above;
    er less than three years of experience "refers to the management experience of financial leasing companies or related financial institutions for more than three years .
    The so -called financial leasing refers to the leasers' specific requirements for leased objects and the choice of the supplier according to the leased objects
    Then pay the rent to the lessor in installments
    The ownership of the leased item during the lease period is owned by the lessor, and the lessee has the right to use the leased object.
    New financial industry in one in one. Due to the characteristics of the combination of financing and fusion, the lease company can recycle and handle the leased property when there is a problem. Very suitable for financing of SMEs.
    The form of financial leasing form is flexible, which can alleviate the company's cash flow pressure and solve capital problems. r n

  2. Financial leasing is a more important link in the business layout of the financial industry. The current financial investor has attracted much attention from financial investors. Financial leasing, also known as equipment lease or modern lease, refers Most risks and rewards lease. The ownership of the assets can be transferred or not transferred. The basic forms of financial leasing include direct leasing, after -sales lease and leverage lease. Financing leasing is based on the property rights and the claims of the device. It is based on property rights and creditor's rights. The source of credit risk comes from the lessee. Financial leasing generally provides equipment financial leasing, equipment maintenance, equipment residual treatment and other businesses. Let's look down, how does financial leasing company set up? How much does Shenzhen financial leasing company acquire?

    The financial leasing company is divided into three types: domestic, foreign capital and Chinese and foreign joint ventures. First of all, the establishment of a financial leasing company of China -foreign joint ventures is that the establishment of a financial leasing company should be enterprises or other economic organizations, with good credit, no major violations of laws and regulations. In the past three years In the year, qualified initiatives invested in the establishment of financial leasing companies in the name of their wholly -owned subsidiaries (SPVs). Relevant subsidiaries may not require the existence for one year. Among them, the conditions for Chinese and foreign jointly financial financing leasing for Chinese and foreign parties are good financial status of Chinese investors. In the last two accounting years, foreign investors or their overseas parent companies have legally registered and engaged in substantial business activities. Foreign outside Fang investor's total assets shall not be less than 10 million US dollars. In addition, the registered capital is generally not less than 50 million yuan. Executives require that directors, supervisors, and senior management should be well credit, without major violations of laws and regulations or bad employment records, no major bad credit records in the last 3 years, and high -levels related to related equilibriots Managers should be familiar with economic and financial work, engaged in financial leasing (leasing) business or related financial institutions for more than three years, or have been engaged in related industries for more than five years.
    The current financial leasing company in Shenzhen has stopped approval. We can obtain financial leasing companies through acquisition and transfer. Through equity transfer changes, we can also obtain financial leasing companies and can also operate business. The transfer process and expenses of Shenzhen Financial Leasing Company can further understand the consultation.
    At present, the provinces and cities that are currently registered for financial leasing companies in China are the areas that are worthy of attention. Among the first -tier cities, the difficulty of establishing a new financial leasing company in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen is very difficult. It is also difficult to directly acquire industrial and commercial changes and review reviews, and the operation is very troublesome. The domestic support policies of financial leasing companies are similar to the industry support policies of financial leasing companies. No region is particularly prominent. Generally, it can be considered that the place of registration does not have much to do. If there are certain requirements for the place of registration, then you can choose to plan a financial leasing company with a national bureau's nuclear name
    (Guangzhou Nansha) Financial rental license application conditions:
    1. In place.
    2. Provide venue certificates in the jurisdiction of Guangzhou, for the registration of industrial and commercial registration, and can apply for the address to the Nansha cluster.
    3. Provide people with 3-5 years of industry experience as the director of the director.
    4. It was initiated by the Overseas Hong Kong company.
    5. Other conditions.
    The application process for financing lease licenses:
    1. Apply for Hong Kong company identity notarization documents;
    2. Apply for foreign -invested enterprises to set up a record for record;
    3. Application for industrial and commercial establishment registration;
    4. Apply for enterprise bank accounts;
    5. Apply for tax activation filing;

  3. (1) The registered capital is not less than 10 million US dollars; (2) The operating period of foreign investment financial leasing companies in the form of limited liability companies generally does not exceed 30 years; Qualification and less than three years of experience. Investor qualifications: The total assets of foreign investors (foreign companies, enterprises, and other economic organizations) shall not be less than $ 5 million. For the establishment of a joint -stock company, the minimum limit of the company's registered capital is RMB 30 million, of which the shares purchased and held by foreign shareholders should not be less than 25%of the company's registered capital.

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  4. Financial leasing is quickly registered, only: provides two shareholders one finance and one supervisor. Foreign capital can operate
    The domestic capital needs to provide two shareholders one finance and one supervisor.

  5. Process: first nuclear name --- re-filing-then issue a license;
    The financial leasing belongs to the special approval industry, and the Ministry of Commerce must be filed. Newly registered is difficult, time is 1--2 months.

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