4 thoughts on “How to quit the welfare group of Ji Gong for a job recruitment, the welfare group”

  1. There is a part -time group. If you want to retreat, you ca n’t retreat. It may be wrong.
    Igly, you can click the three bars in the upper right corner to see the information prompt page. You can see the prompt exit the group, and you can exit.
    Ip someone can take the initiative to tell the reason why you exit, publish the situation in the group, click exit to
    can also contact the administrator to help the administrator help you kick your information in the group
    can also say nothing. Click the retreat directly, you can also exit the work group in time
    It you can choose to silently speak in the group, or block the group news, soon the administrator will take you you Remove

  2. Choose the corresponding group, click the group settings in the upper right corner, pull down to select the group chat, select confirmation in the dialog box, so that you will exit from the group

  3. If you want to retreat if you want to retreat, you can let the group owner kick out the group or delete the exit group by themselves

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