Is it appropriate to open a shop on Xiaohongshu on Xiaohongshu?

The company wants to do publicity. The company is doing children's photography. Will there be customers to place orders when opening a shop on Xiaohongshu?

4 thoughts on “Is it appropriate to open a shop on Xiaohongshu on Xiaohongshu?”

  1. If you open a business to start a business, you can consider using a small loan as a startup fund.

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    The application conditions for sharing money consumer products with you: mainly divided into two parts: age requirements and data requirements.
    I. Age requirements: between 18-55 years old. Special reminder: Wealthy students who are in the school will provide consumer installment loans. If you are a student at school, please give up your application.
    . Data requirements: You need to provide your second -generation ID card and my debit card during the application process.
    Note: The application only supports the debit card, and the application card is also your borrowing bank card. My identity information needs to be a second -generation ID card information, and I cannot apply for a temporary ID card, an expired ID card, and the first -generation ID card.

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  2. Big cities do Baidu, Meituan, word of mouth, Douyin
    Small cities do WeChat, public account, circle of friends
    The user habits of Internet education of big cities mature, and young users are consumed in these channels; small cities Most of the media such as the public account of the WeChat circle of friends are active. You can refer to the analysis of Internet user behavior habits in 2018.

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