5 thoughts on “How can I enter the State Grid work?”

  1. It is not easy to enter the State Grid to work. The State Grid belongs to a national enterprise, and every year, they actively recruit a certain number of university graduates. At this time, it is the best opportunity to enter.

  2. To enter the State Grid work, candidates must graduate from electrical -related majors, and participate in campus recruitment of the State Grid, and perform well in the recruitment, so that they can be admitted.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer three steps to enter the National Grid. Pay attention to campus recruitment time. The State Grid has two unified recruitment each year, and the announcement time is generally in November and the coming year in March. Professional choice is critical. Electrician recruitment needs are large, and undergraduate electrical engineering majors have opportunities. College selection. In actual recruitment, the institutions have decreased, but the eight major power colleges still have advantages in the industry's counterparts.nWhat do I need to ask questions?nThe conditions for answering the recruitment of the State Grid are 1. Academic qualifications and professional requirements. 2. Age requirements. 3. Recruit fresh graduates. 4. Physical quality requirements. In addition, the recruitment of the State Grid generally issues twice recruitment announcements in one year.n1 morenBleak

  4. If you want to enter the State Grid work, you must be carried out through formal recruitment channels. Generally, there are campus recruitment and social recruitment. Campus recruitment is for fresh graduates of colleges and universities. It needs to pass resume screening, written test and interviews. Social recruitment also needs to submit resumes and then written tests or interviews.

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