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  1. The salesman of the credit company is called the customer manager.

    Ter credit business, also known as credit assets or loan business, is the most important asset business of commercial banks. It recovers principal and interest through lending and deducts costs. means.
    ① Depending on the differences in the loan subject, loans can be divided into three types: self -operated loan, entrusted loan and specific loans. Among them, the entrusted loan refers to the client to provide funds. The bank as the trustee as the target, use, amount, period, and interest rate of the trustee to handle the loan procedures such as the conditions, the amount, the term and interest rate of interest rates. A specific loan refers to a loan that is instructed to issue a loan issued by a wholly -owned state -owned bank after being approved by the State Council and the losses caused by the State Council and the losses caused by the loan.
    ② Depending on the borrower's credit, loans can also be divided into credit loans, guarantee loans (guarantee loans, mortgage loans, pledge loans), and notes.
    ③ According to the different use of loans, it can be divided into types such as liquidity loans, fixed asset loans, industrial loans, agricultural loans, consumer loans and commercial loans. No matter what kind of loan, in addition to the lender's review, evaluation, and confirmation of the borrower's trustworthy letter, if they can repay the loan, they may not provide guarantee, and other borrowers should provide guarantees.

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