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  1. The problem can only be used as a help of review, and you must not expect these questions. The question bank of the securities qualification examination is very large and uninterrupted. Now the "real questions" circulating outside are just some fragmented questions brought by candidates with memory. It is difficult to say whether it is applicable to now.
    The candidates to blindly do the questions on the tactics of the sea, and they cannot quickly improve their learning efficiency. When you do the questions, you must pay attention to the quality.
    It because the test questions for the securities qualification examination are objective questions, the difficulty is not so high, so everyone must carefully examine the meaning of the question in the process of doing the question. Important content.
    If attention:
    During the learning process, more and more things learned later, candidates will easily appear problems such as forgetting the knowledge points learned before. The knowledge you have learned, it is recommended that you use the method of taking notes in the learning process, and make some notes properly, which will help improve everyone's learning efficiency.
    In addition to understanding the meaning of the question, you may wish to think about the problem, think about the problem from the perspective of the questioner, and do it. Routine, these are greatly helpful for your exams.

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