2 thoughts on “What are the blockchain community service agencies?”

  1. High -dimensional Space
    As a third -party service company with standardized and processing in the domestic blockchain industry, the team is composed of a number of senior practitioners. Core members have a 3 -year blockchain and 6 -year brand incubation planning related qualifications. The valuation of 35 million yuan has been completed.
    The on the current market status of the market, high -dimensional space is from "white paper writing", "community formation", "cognitive training", "conference activities", "airdrop candy", "website building", "media matrix", "media matrix" "Road Show Competition", "Investment and Financing Docking", "Propaganda Promotion" and other product service lines, not only providing a complete set of linquet solutions for newly on -chain projects and enterprises, but also for major mature blocks. The chain project is escorted in terms of technology and marketing, and advances with the industry's pioneers.
    The business schools with many domestic and most domestic business schools have been jointly united, and multiple high -quality projects such as WebVR Engine, Latichain, HT.CC, and RREX have been successfully incubated in deeply and deeply incubated.

  2. Coin Orange Network, third -party investment research service agency in the blockchain field, with content, community, and auxiliary trading tools as the core drive. The content includes: coin orange evaluation, currency orange research newspaper, and Ding Dingjie coin (video); the community is divided into industry exchange groups, contract exchange groups, and secondary market trading groups, etc.; The auxiliary trading tools are based on the right trend trading strategy as the core. Reminded in time in time, it is relatively stable in general.

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