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  1. 12369 Reporting Hotline 12369 is a hotline for environmental protection. According to the "Administrative Measures for the Management of Environmental Protection Reporting Hotline" of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China: "Citizens, legal persons or other organizations call environmental protection reporting hotline to call environmental protection at all levels at all levels environmental protection. The competent department reports environmental pollution or ecological destruction matters, and requests environmental protection authorities to deal with it in accordance with the law. " [1]
    As of April 2016, environmental protection WeChat reports have covered all provinces and cities except Tibet, as well as more than 40%of districts and counties. The number of "12369 Environmental Reports" WeChat public account fans exceeded 96,000, and a total of 23,883 reports received various types of reports across the country, and 21,416 were settled.
    In order to strengthen the standardized management of environmental protection report hotline work, unblock the channels for reporting, safeguard and protect the legal environmental rights of the people, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Letters and Visits Regulations" and the relevant provisions of environmental protection laws and regulations, environmental protection report hotline "123699 "consumer hotline.

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