What are the benefits of doing WeChat mini -programs in the fitness industry?

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  1. The exposure range of helping fitness venues

    The exposure range of a fitness venue is often only about 500m. Under this premise, too much traffic is often not obtained. Therefore, many fitness venues will use employment to send leaflets to expand the exposure range.

    This program has this ability. Because the "nearby small program" function comes with the applet can show companies and businesses developed by applets within 5km surrounding users. For fitness venues, this is equivalent to expanding its exposure to 5km. Under this premise, more people will know you and know yourself. Then you launch some marketing activities, often you can attract a large number of people to spend.

    This helping fitness venues can get rid of high commission

    The fitness venues will choose to obtain traffic through third -party reviews, group purchase and other platforms. However, the traffic through such platforms, no matter how much money is spent, the platform must withdraw 5%-20%commission. For fitness venues, this often greatly increases its drainage costs and reduces its income.

    The applets can help fit the fitness venue reduce the drainage cost and increase the income. Because the small program was developed by the fitness venue itself, there was no commission. Under this premise, fitness venues can often greatly reduce their drainage costs, thereby increasing their income.
    The benefits of the fitness industry to do WeChat Mini Programs are mainly the following:

    In helping fitness venues to get a lot of traffic

    For companies and businesses in the fitness industry, The mutual recommendation, introduction, and often bring a large number of traffic between customers and customers. But if you want to recommend themselves and introduce themselves to customers, they often need to come up with some effective marketing methods. The small program has this capability

    The small program has this ability. For example, the fitness venue can use the rich marketing plug -in in the applet to launch group purchase activities to allow customers to invite X famous friends to register or purchase together Fitness cards can enjoy half -price discount activities. Or launch: Forward the XX link, you can receive the activity of the XX yuan red envelope. Because most people want to buy the goods they want recently when they are consumed, after seeing these activities, customers are often willing to repost and share. Get more traffic.

  2. In the first place, the development space of the sports and fitness industry in small programs is quite large, and small programs can provide appointment services, sales services, and so on. Booking fitness courses or coaches on mini -programs, purchasing courses and annual cards, these use scenarios can be imagined very convenient and practical. On the other hand, the advantages that can be searched within 5 kilometers near the small program are also very conducive to the brand promotion of the gym. After all, everyone must prefer fitness exercises near the house.
    . On the other hand, the applet has now covered various lifestyles such as diet, travel, etc., and it is really not often seen in the sports and fitness industry, and it is not very difficult for third -party platforms to make small programs. The applet is very easy to get started. It is recommended that if you want to produce, you can compare the ease of use and the product interface.

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