What is the symbol of Christmas

anta Claus / Father Christmas

Santa Claus originally refers to the 4th century Asia Minor bishop Nicholas, who was known for his kindness and generosity to the poor. By the 6th century, he was known as Saint Nicholas. Since the folk legend of Nicholas is associated with children and gifts, Santa Claus has become the image of a kind old man who gives gifts to children at Christmas. In the 18th century, through literature and paintings, Santa Claus gradually became an old man with a white beard and eyebrows in a red coat.

The red and white is the Santa Claus, he is the most popular figure in the Christmas activities. Before going to bed on Christmas Eve, western children should put a sock in front of the fireplace or beside the pillow, waiting for Santa Claus to put the gift in the sock after they fall asleep. In the West, playing Santa Claus is also a custom.

Three colors of Christmas

Westerners to red, green, white three colors for Christmas, Christmas comes every family to use Christmas colors to decorate. The red ones are christmas flowers and Christmas candles, christmas candlestick. Green is the Christmas tree.

Red is the first color of Christmas. The faithful use red to remind themselves of the Savior's blood for all his people. Jesus Christ gave his life and shed his blood so that everyone might receive the gift of God's eternal life. Red is the deep, the intense, the vivid, the richest of all colors. It is the symbol of the greatest gift from God.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree points to the sky as a reminder of God's eternity.

It is said that the Christmas tree first appeared in ancient Rome in the middle of December Saturnalia, the German missionary Nicholas in the 8th century AD with pine to worship the Holy Child. However, the origin of the western Christmas tree, popular with another saying: there is a kind of farmer, on Christmas Day, warmly hosted a wandering child, parting, the child broke off a branch inserted in the ground, the branch immediately grew into a tree, the child pointed to the tree said to the farmer, every year today, the tree will be covered with gifts, in order to repay your hospitality. So, the Christmas tree that people see today is always full of little presents.

It is the main decoration of Christmas, with a kind of evergreen tree with the shape of fir, cypress tower decoration. Above hanging colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers, but also lit the Christmas candle.

The dark green of the tree branches is the second color of Christmas. The evergreen is this pure green all year round. This represents the eternity of mankind. Green is young, full of hope, is the rich color of nature. The needles on the tree pointing in the direction of heaven are symbolic of the human prayer on the way to heaven. Trees are man's best friends. They shelter us, warm us, and create beauty for us.


Christmas stars are hung high in the sky for wise people to follow God's will.

"The star is the symbol of a promise in heaven. God has sent the world a Savior, and the star is the symbol of the fulfillment of that promise. The countless shining stars in the sky, each star represents a star for every person on Earth, represents the hope of all mankind.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are circular, a reminder of God's never-ending love for people.

The wreath symbolizes the eternal nature of love: it never ends, ceases or ends. It's a continuous circle that grows bigger and bigger as it passes. The wreath, the circle of love, is a dual role. It is made up of many things and many colors. To remind the world of God's unconditional love and the true reason for Christmas.


Christmas candles shine, telling the world that Jesus Christ is "the light of the world."

When the candles are placed on the Christmas tree, they glow brightly against the dark green branches, showing the reverence for the star of Bethlehem from so many years ago. Now strings of colored lights have taken the place of candles to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ."


Christmas bells ring to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ.

The lost sheep is found by the sound of the bell, it should ring for everyone, they will also find the way back. -- It means guidance and return. It further shows that all things are precious in the eyes of God.

Candy cane

Candy Cane

The candy cane, like a shepherd's stick, reminds the world that Jesus Christ is the shepherd of the world.

The walking stick represents the shepherd's tool. The hook on the stick helps to bring back the sheep that have lost their stalls. Candy symbolizes the sweetness of giving, not only at Christmas time, but throughout the year. The spiral design symbolizes that we are our brother's keeper.


Christmas presents remind people of God's gifts on earth.

According to the Bible, the saint from the East gave gifts when Jesus was born, which is the origin of the custom of Santa Claus to give gifts to children. British children on Christmas Eve put the stockings by the fireplace, believe that Santa Claus at night will come down from the chimney, bring them full of socks of gifts. French children put shoes at the door, so that "when the Holy child comes to put the gift in the shoes."

The bow on the gift

A reminder of the belief that we are all brothers. We should remember that bows are tied together because all of us should be closely connected. Kindness is eternal. That's what bows and gifts are about.

Christmas dinner

Just as the Chinese people eat the Spring Festival meal, the Europeans and Americans also pay much attention to the whole family sitting around the Christmas tree to have a festive meal. The custom of eating Turkey for Christmas dinner began in 1620. This custom prevails in America. The British have roast goose, not Turkey, for Christmas dinner.

Next, we will hear Christmas songs when we pass by the shopping mall, sweet strawberries with rock sugar, hot Ovaltine in the incubator of the convenience store, hot pot for families to eat together, and friends who have been reunited for a long time.

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