1.12 Today's football match recommendation

001 Copa Italia 22:00 Fiorentina v Samp
They are in ninth place with one win and one draw since the relaunch of the Viola League. Their form at home has been good, with four wins, three draws and two defeats in nine games, scoring 14 goals and conceding 14. They are good in attack but not in defence, and they have been good in the Coppa Italia last season, beating Atalanta and Napoli along the way. So from the point of view of the game, Fiorentina really don't have to worry, at the same time, the current personnel at the moment there are not too many injuries, only Mandragora and Sotill two injuries, so both from the point of view of the game and personnel is good.

Samp side of the league after the restart of 1-1, both sides beat Sassuolo, but the difference is that Sassuolo face occupied the absolute field advantage, but Florence is facing Sassuolo scene dominant. This is World Cup data. Samp are second from bottom in the league at the moment, but compared to home and away, they have not been bad on the road, winning at least two games and none at home. The team's defence has been the biggest problem, conceding 30 goals in 17 games, 15 at home and away, but the attack has been solid, scoring only eight goals in 17 games. Should they expect much from the Cup after such figures? The only way is to avoid relegation.

This game market from the main -0.75 to 1, in fact, this game more or less similar to the game before the Newcastle, Sampdoria win the problem is not big, overall consideration, this game we still optimistic about the main win.

Recommended score: 2-0 3-1

002 Spanish Super League 22:00 Betis v Barcelona
Real Betis are one of La Liga's oldest clubs and one of the favourites to qualify for Europe. Betis finished fifth in the league last season and beat Valencia in the Copa del Rey final to win the title. The team has improved further this season and is currently fourth in the table with a good chance of qualifying for the Champions League. So far, he has won 8, drawn 4 and lost 4 matches in 16 matches, showing good winning ability. But the recent performance is mediocre, last round visit a tough win over weak Rayo Vallecano, this is the last seven rounds of the league's second win.
Barcelona went through a rebuilding process last season and finished second in the league at the end of the campaign, 13 points adrift of Real Madrid at the top and missing out on the Super Cup final after losing to them in the semi-finals. This season, Barca have returned to the form of a big team, currently three points clear of Barcelona at the top of the table, as the biggest favourites to win the league. He won 13, drew 2 and lost 1 in 16 matches, scoring 35 goals and conceding 6. The last round of the league and Atletico strong dialogue, Barcelona is also with the first half of the goal to win the opponent 1-0, so as to open up the points gap with Real Madrid.
Conclusion: Based on the above fundamental analysis, this game is a match between the old league team and the title strugglers. As this game is played on a neutral ground, Real Betis will not have home advantage. Barcelona are 13 points clear at the top of the league and, with a record of 8-2 in their last 10 La Liga meetings, have been equally strong and weak in recent times. Therefore this game looks like Barcelona regular time to win promotion.

Competition recommendation: Negative score recommendation: 1-2 1-3

003 Fulham v Chelsea 22:00 English Premier League
Fulham, who won the Championship last season, have spent a lot of money to improve their squad after being promoted to the Premier League. In the first round of the Premier League, the home draw against the giants of Liverpool, not like a promotion team. They are seventh in the league after 18 rounds this season. It is not easy to achieve such a result in the first season of the Premier League, which is full of talents. Like Newcastle United, they are the two dark horses in the Premier League this season. After the offseason, the team won three consecutive wins, the state is quite hot, but the strength of the opponent is the lower level of the league. Central striker Mitnovic, who has scored 11 goals this season and is fourth in the Premier League's scoring charts, is the team's go-to man. However, it should be noted that Mitnovich, this round of accumulative yellow card suspension, which for the team is relatively big impact.

Chelsea changed owners this season and spent 300 million euros to strengthen a squad that included Raheem Sterling from Manchester City, Coulibaly from Napoli and Alvaro Fofana from Leicester City. It is now the third most valuable club in the league behind Manchester City and Liverpool. But due to serious injuries and run-in problems, Chelsea's record this season has clearly not lived up to expectations, which can even be described as disappointing. The team is currently 10th in the league, down seven places from last season. In the three rounds after the off-season, he only managed to win a promotion side Bournemouth, and was held to a draw by Nottingham Forest. He had no answer against Manchester City, and was in a slump after losing 4-0 to Manchester City in the FA Cup. Of course, the main reason is the serious injury, as many as ten players have been injured, including Kante, Fofana long-term absence, Pulisic, Sterling, Mendy and other main players are not likely to play, the situation is very serious.

Competition recommendation: win win score Recommendation: 1-0 2-1

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