How do you fix a broken shutter

The new home has been fitted out in style by adding blinds between the double glazing of the room, which are said to be easy to retractable. And can adjust the indoor temperature, summer high temperature prevention and winter warm. However, there is something wrong with my blinds these days, so I can only ask a professional to repair them at home. Now I would like to share with you.

When the blinds are faulty, the first step is to identify the location of the blinds. For the maintenance of Plantation shutters, we can't just replace one blade or connecting wire. The blades of shutters are conjoined, and the switch from top to bottom needs a certain Angle, so we need to understand its structure to facilitate maintenance.

Start by pulling down the blinds that need to be replaced so that the blades are separated and angled horizontally. Fastening the end of a rope on one side, untying the knot at the top. Some blinds are fastened by a small nail. Take this thing off so the blinds fall apart, and replace the bad ones yourself. Put on the new rope and pass it through the control pulley to complete the new blinds.

Now pull the string up and down to see if you can open and close the blinds freely. Use a clip to adjust the length of the string until the blinds work smoothly.

Try to keep the blinds droop naturally when you use them at ordinary times. Do not pull the blinds up and down frequently. Then when cleaning the blinds regularly, keep them closed and clean with a feather duster or soft cloth, taking care not to damage the others.

The above is how to repair the blind after it is broken, as well as the precautions for normal use. Please pay more attention to prevent the blind from failing again. It is suggested to repair the blind by yourself after it is broken.

The traditional choice of curtains is a variety of fabric curtains, tulle curtains, but in recent years, unique blinds are very popular with homeowners and designers.

The blinds have beautiful light and shadow effects, and can also adjust the brightness and darkness of the room. However, there is controversy over whether shutters should be used in home decoration and the effect of decoration. Today, let's talk about blinds.

1. What are shutters

Usually, the louvers are made of bamboo, alloy and fiberglass, all of the same size, arranged and combined. There are also some blinds on the market made of fabrics and flax sheets.

Louvers are also usually equipped with an adjustment device to adjust the Angle of the louvers' blades. When the blade Angle is perpendicular to the ground, it is similar to closing the curtain, which can block the light and outside view; When the blades are angled parallel to the ground, it opens up like a curtain, allowing light and sight. Of course, you can also control the size of the light by adjusting the Angle.

2. Where are the shutters suitable

1. Guest restaurant

The guest dining room is perfect for shutters. The guest restaurant is a public area, which generally needs atmosphere and transparency, and the louvers make the lighting degree of the space have more possibilities. The shutters are paired with the large French Windows common in guest restaurants, which not only make the space bright and stylish, but also very atmospheric. Under the irradiation of the sun, it will form a unique beauty of light and shadow.

2. Study

Study for lighting requirements are also relatively high, but at the same time the light can not be too dazzling. In this case, the ability to adjust the light level of the shutter is the most suitable. In addition, the study is an area that needs to be focused, and the traditional cloth curtains will be blown around by the wind, which is easy to affect the concentration in the study.

Step 3: The bathroom

Blinds are preferred for bathroom areas. Traditional cloth curtains are not suitable for installation in these humid places, it is easy to get wet and dirty. The blinds can be made of a variety of materials, such as alloy, PVC, or fiberglass, to ensure that the bathroom has a beautiful curtain and is durable.

Step 4: The bedroom

In fact, blinds are also suitable for bedrooms. Bedroom lighting performance requirements are relatively high. The blinds have a unique lighting adjustment function, which can make your bedroom not only a bright and transparent modern bedroom, but also a warm and elegant bedroom.

The use of blinds depends on how well they are used. So finding a reliable good design is the key.

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