1 thought on “How to exchange cash for CCB micro -gold coins?”

  1. CCB's micro -gold coins cannot be exchanged for cash.
    The micro -gold coin launched by CCB is a special virtual product of micro -gold. Each micro -gold coin is worth 1 yuan. After the customer is purchased, it can be sent to friends or delete to buy physical products, send red envelopes, grab red envelopes, and exchange physical objects, and play a new height of red envelopes.
    The purchase of micro -gold coins is based on one yuan. When purchasing, you can choose an account payment, enter the savings card number and savings card certificate, and you can buy it. You can also pay for mobile banking, enter the mobile phone number, ID number, SMS verification, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone The bank login password can be purchased.
    More about how to exchange cash for CCB micro -gold coins, enter: m./ask/? ZD view more content

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