Someone knows what does "¥ BNX91TKEBDV ¥" mean?

¥ ¥ ¥ ¥. I just copied the IMDB encoding. The first time I passed was no problem, and the second paste became this. I am purely curious and want to know why.

4 thoughts on “Someone knows what does "¥ BNX91TKEBDV ¥" mean?”

  1. I have also encountered such a situation. For some web pages, for profit or tampering by others, you will automatically cut to your paste board when you browse the webpage. This should be a software invitation code, so -called things like a red envelope activity, but most of them are fake, just do not believe it, it is not much harmful to you

  2. This may be a password for receiving red envelopes or buying goods. Enter the characters between the two RMB signs to the corresponding position of the Alipay mobile phone, and you should receive red envelopes or purchase designated products. Hope to adopt

  3. So I hope that girls pay more attention to potential stocks, so that all boys who have no money can imagine that they are potential stocks.

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