1 thought on “How to solve the restriction of bank cards?”

  1. Bank cards cannot be used for non -counter trading, and banks cannot solve it.
    Is we can choose to change the bank card to directly cancel the one that cannot be used. Please ask the bank staff to help take out the money in the card. Or find out the reason for the reason for the following content.
    The expansion information:
    The people use bank cards as credit instruments in daily life. Why are non -counter trading restricted. If you want to solve this problem, you must first figure out why your bank card has no way to conduct non -counter transactions. If you are because of your own reason, you have to think about whether your bank card has been transferred abnormally or lent the bank card to others. In this case, the bank's monitoring system may find that your bank card is abnormal.
    In this time, banks will freeze your bank card or prohibit your bank card from conducting non -counter transactions, which is to better guarantee user security.
    It changed a bank card in this case. Generally speaking, you can go to the local bank counter to handle it. Banks can deal with this situation, but if the bank says there is no solution, you can only replace a bank card again. Or wait for the corresponding information notification. Bank staff should also tell you that your bank card has thawed after a certain period of time, but no one can know how long the waiting period will be.
    If you urgently need a bank card, or this bank card is not particularly important for you. In fact, you can use a bank card to use it, and the counter staff can also help you transfer money.
    In canceling the bank card. In order to solve this problem better and faster, you can cancel your bank card, then let the staff transfer the money in the bank card, and then apply for a new bank card to work Personnel can transfer money to another card.
    The reasons for the restrictions on non -counter transactions in bank cards, such as more than half a year or more; mobile phone numbers reserved by bank cards are not personal; customer accounts are tested as accounts involved in the case of public security organs; banks reserved by banks; banks reserved The basic information is incomplete. These are the reason why bank cards are restricted to non -counter transactions.
    Is how to solve this situation, the method is also very simple. Just bring a valid ID card and a bank card to the outlet counter to re -activate it, you can use it normally. In addition, the accounts involved in the investigation by the public security organs need to be terminated after the investigation is completed.

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