1 thought on “Which domestic banks have pound VISA debit cards? And some related issues”

  1. Answer you one by one
    1. The debit card does not have a dual currency category
    2. The consumption you said also includes a foreign currency exchange fee, which is not a free project. In addition, the "VISA" and "" logo means that they can use their interbank trading channels.
    3. Direct settlement of foreign currency only uses a credit card.
    4. No need to answer
    5. Ibid
    6. The credit card you hold is not that there is no password, but you can consume without passwords abroad, because the user signature is viewed during foreign bank transactions. Quasible, this is a symbol of integrity. The debit card that does not meet the conditions you need is only a loan card (credit card).
    Ip: If you must use the peony dual currency card, it is recommended to apply for a card with an EMV chip. After all, for security reasons, Europe has begun to promote the card read by this dual information. You should also consult friends in the UK in advance whether UnionPay is very popular in the UK. If the popularity is not high in China, you can directly apply for a dual currency access card or VISA card in the United Kingdom. The exchange rate may not be very cost -effective. Of course, if there is a pound cash, it is exempted from the exchange fee directly.

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