2 thoughts on “Is Changsha Good Hope Corner Is MLM?”

  1. As of March 21, 2019, Changsha Haowangjiao has not been identified as MLM by the relevant departments.
    Hangsha Haohuang Kaojiao is a high -tech company that cooperates with international multinational companies. The company is located in the Changsha Software Park. The company is committed to becoming a world -leading virtual item e -commerce platform development and operator. Development teams composed of Hojangjiao, Intel, and three parties gathered the world's top software design and development talents.
    Hangwangjiao to cooperate with major game operators as a public third party. The "win -win" model it advocated will truly realize the consistency of the interests of players, operators, and hopes.
    Extension information:
    1, open Baidu search, enter the "national corporate credit information publicity system" in the search box;
    2, click on the search box on the homepage, enter "Changsha Good Hope Corner";
    3的 Click to find the company's information, that is, Changsha Haowangjiao Information Technology Co., Ltd.;

    4. Therefore, it is not a pyramid scheme;
    Reference information Source: National Corporate Credit Information Publicity-System

  2. Is it a MLM to see his mode?
    1: Does it operate in the multiplication mode of human connection
    2: Whether the human connection doubles exceeds three generations,
    3; ​​more than three generations need to be in the country@家 是 ... The Ministry of Normal University gets a license

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