1 thought on “What are the impact of US non -agricultural data on China?”

  1. 1. Non -agricultural data can greatly affect the US dollar value of the currency market. A vibrant employment situation report can drive interest rates, making US dollars more attractive to foreign investors. They can earn interest income by holding US fiscal bonds.
    On the other hand, a report on the employment situation of illness will weaken the demand for US currencies because it has caused trouble for the US stock market and puts down down to interest rates. Both will reduce the appeal of the US dollar to foreigners.
    2. The impact of US non -agricultural data on the US dollar is transmitted to the gold market. The range of the two will definitely have an inconsistent range. Therefore, the result of the US non -agricultural data will first affect the trend of the US dollar. At the same time, it constitutes the exchange market. Major impact. In the trend of gold, I think I almost passive fluctuation technical analysis and learning at the same time.
    The direction and market in the market according to the quality of the data and the market are also time -stagnation. Therefore, it is recommended that you enter the market before the data is announced. After the announcement, it is often full of shocks and seductive trends. In addition, after the release of the data, a large fluctuations in the instant fluctuating the traders will increase the trading point, which makes traders pay strong costs. The transaction is extremely difficult.
    The expansion information
    Non -agricultural employment report
    The report report (The Report), including information related to employment, is obtained by two independent surveys, that is, corporate surveys and family investigations. Among them, corporate investigations provide employment situations related to non -agricultural departments, with an average hourly work and total hourly index; family survey provides relevant labor force, family employment and unemployment rates.
    The employment report is usually known as the "crown gemstone" in all economic indicators that can be reacted by the foreign exchange market. Information, wherein the foreign exchange market attaches great importance to the changes in the number of non -agricultural employment people with seasonal adjustment.

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