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  1. Yingke's live broadcast reward mode is 32%of anchors and 68%of the platform.
    In the live broadcast of Yingke, users need to use RMB to purchase diamonds for recharge. In the live broadcast, use diamonds to buy gifts to reward anchors. The user reward will reach the anchor's account in the form of a ticket reflect. In the end, the anchor will exchang the ticket reflects into RMB withdrawal. The anchor of the screening is divided into about 32%of the total reward amount.
    In the withdrawal method, Yingke's withdrawal threshold is relatively low in major live broadcast platforms. As long as the current amount is greater than or equal to 1 yuan, the anchor can be withdrawn. However, Yingke also stipulates that the monthly withdrawal of a total of more than 20,000 yuan will charge a 5%handling fee. This means that if the big anchor wants to withdraw 100,000 at one time, it will pay a fee of 4,000 yuan.
    The expansion data
    The "hidden rules" of the live broadcast industry commission:
    The "hidden rules" in the live broadcast industry, such as platform return, guild returns, and so on. In order to win the competition, some anchors agreed with local tyrants or guilds to cash back.
    For example, the local tyrant brushed 1 million to the anchor, and the anchor got 700,000 after the deduction of the platform.
    For the anchor, although you do n’t make money or even lose money, you can have more resource levels and other promotion after winning the game. You can also establish your own status and make more Xiaobai money.

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