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  1. The green coins of green Huoli exchange can be purchased in the carbon exchange trading market. Carbon exchange transaction refers to a carbon emissions indicator for developing countries for developing countries. This is an effective way to achieve compensation for forest ecological value compensation through the market mechanism. This transaction is a country. The carbon emissions indicators are resold to the countries required to offset the emission reduction tasks in these countries, and they are not truly packaged and transported abroad.
    The introduction of carbon transactions
    trading systems and exchanges, carbon transactions, is a transaction under the control of total amount, which means that there is a allowable amount of emission To various enterprises, for example, an enterprise received 1,000 tons of emissions in a certain year. If his emissions exceeded 1,000 tons within a year, reaching 1100 tons, then 100 tons of over -rowing, he would buy back to the trading market back to buy back back to the trading market back. Essence
    Conversely, if he only discharged 900 tons in a year, then he can sell 100 tons indicators unusable. Therefore, we must first have a trading system and trading system, and then build a trading market.
    The buyer of carbon credit or carbon exchange has been mentioned earlier that since the emissions quota is assigned to the enterprise, the state must monitor and measure the carbon emissions of the enterprise, so as to know that a company can know the specific emission of a company within a year. How much carbon dioxide. This work is generally monitored and verified by independent third -party institutions.
    The supplier of carbon credit or carbon exchange is the same as the supplier of carbon exchange. It is verified by independent third -party and has so many carbon credit for sale. Executive Committee EB will issue a carbon credit, which can be traded in the carbon market.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer to enter the carbon neutralization platform, randomly click on a meeting, "I want carbon neutrality" -The randomly select a carbon emissions data and buy it, spend 0.05 every day, 10 green coins. (Note 提️: Remember to change your personal information in advance.) Click the basic information in "My" to modify your own mobile phone number to succeed!nI hope my answer can help you and wish you a happy life. If you are satisfied with my service, please like it, I wish you all the best!

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