What to do if the green coins of the dream town are used up. Doing tasks can increase gold coins. After the green coins are reduced or not, after the update

What to do if the green coins of the dream town are used up. Do tasks can increase gold coins. Green coins only decrease or not. Is there any data after update?

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  1. In addition to the recharge, there are other ways to obtain it. Prerequisites are given to all green banknotes in addition to recharge:
    loading the aircraft. If the aircraft's box is full, there is a great probability to get green banknotes, but only one is added each time.
    This hot balloon. I can see orange -yellow hot air balloons in my own town or friend's town every day. The first hot air balloon I encountered is free. Three green banknotes are required later, so you can open it for free every day. One, there is a large probability to get green banknotes, and the number is between 4 to 7.
    The advertisement. This can be regarded as the most practical and most commonly used method for getting green banknotes. After reaching a certain level, the helicopter task will be brushed out for advertisements. Or don't look at it, the higher the level of advertisements, the more the first advertisement of each round of advertisements is to get green banknotes. The latter is randomly obtained green banknotes or gold coins. If you don’t want to see, you can click to delete it. However, there will be no way to get green banknotes for a period of time.
    I friends give gifts. Similar to the hot air balloon, everyone can send five gifts a day. If your friends are given to you, you can get green banknotes or gold coins.
    The achievement. Open the achievement panel. Every time you complete a achievement, you can receive green banknotes. The higher the level of achievement, the more green banknotes you can get, and the more difficult it is to complete.
    The museum collection group. This is more difficult to do. With the fate, you can receive green banknotes for every group of collection.
    The task of doing metal ingot. After arriving at a certain level, the opportunity to acquire metal ingots will be available. Such tasks can obtain green banknotes, but personally feel that it is not particularly worth it.
    Caping. Helping friends can get lucky grass. Each five collection can be drawn, and there is a small probability to get green banknotes.
    Various activities. Sometimes activities will be held in the game to achieve ten green banknotes to achieve global goals. At this time, even if you ignore it at all, you can get it after the event.
    The building is completed. Whenever you build a building, you can get green banknotes. Low -level buildings get less, and the higher the higher -level buildings, the more green banknotes can be obtained.

    The on the first one, you can hire a merchant and do it well, but given that you are short of green banknotes, it is estimated that the merchant cannot be hired. You can open one for free shopping. If you are short, it is recommended to open that free. The third is the most commonly used. When you brush out the advertisement, just look at it. Article 5 You can take it slowly and not need to step up the achievements for the sake of green banknotes. Article 6 is very difficult. It takes a lot of time to spend. It is recommended that it is not worth it. It is really a way. The eighth is good. If you are lucky to collect more, you can open it. Anyway, every box has something. Good luck is a lot of green banknotes. The target is determined to be completed. After the end, it is necessary to receive it. Article 10 is still a very common way. Anyway, there will be some delivery.
    As for the update you said, the data is still absent. The data after the update must be still there. For example, if you are updated before the update, you are also level 5 after the update. Other data will not change. Here I am.

    The hand -to -hand, hope to adopt it!

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