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  1. Arbitrage Fund (): It belongs to the "HedgeFund" (also known as a hedging fund). It refers to financial funds (Financial Option) such as Financial Option and financial organizations that are combined with high -risk speculation and profit -making by financial organizations such as Financial Option. It is a form of investment funds and is an Exempt Market product. It means "the fund that has been hedged". The hedging fund is called the fund. It is essentially different from the security, income, and value -added investment concepts of mutual benefit funds. (If you are helpful to you, please set "praise", thank you!)

  2. Fund arbitrage? Find a relatively low point to buy, and throw it out of the relatively high point. that is it! Intersection
    . For example: The suspension of a certain stock of the fund has obvious favorable appearances, which may cause the stock to rise greatly after the re -inventory of the stock. At the same time, the net value of the fund holding the stock rise. When buying the foundation at the stock suspension phase, there will be obvious profit opportunities. This situation is called arbitrage.
    The so -called hedgeFund (HedgeFund), which is literally explained, is the risk aversion fund, also known as arbitrage fund, hood n hedge funds (Hedge Fund), which is a derivative tool fund, that is, hedging Fund can use a variety of investment strategies, including using various derivative tools such as index futures, stock options, long -term foreign exchange contracts, and even other financial instruments with financial leverage effects. Investment in the foreign exchange market and commodity market. Compared with commodity futures funds and securities funds with specific market scope or tool scope, hedge funds have a wider operation range.

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  4. Funds that use hedge trading methods are called hedge funds, also known as insurance shelter or arbitrage funds. There are many methods and tools for hedging transactions such as short selling, exchange transactions, hedging of spot and futures, hedging of basic securities and derivative securities. Hedge funds avoid or reduce risks by hedging, but the results are often contrary to their wishes. Due to the large potential risks, hedge funds are defined as a kind of private equity fund, not a common fund for public offerings.

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