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  1. For the anchor, it must be listened to the platform's arrangement to pick up advertisements and the like, so Doinb recently ordered the female to play and play the game together, and also introduced the other water friends who played to the live broadcast room. Originally, it was just a very small thing, but because Doinb chatted with women too high energy, it triggered a very high program effect. Let's take a look at how to chat with women with women!

    Since it is to play with a female accompaniment, it is definitely impossible to open a large point of DIINB, so he matches the girl. But playing and playing, the water friends in doinb and the live broadcast room can't stand this girl a little. This girl drove the train almost when she spoke, and it was still the one to the adult world.

    Because the girl's voice is quite sweet, even if it is talked about doinb, sometimes I have to pretend to call him to cover up her embarrassment. At the back, the girl may think that Doinb is a rich Kaizi, so she actively invited Doinb to chat with their female voice rooms.

    The content of this chat is too high, and it is not convenient to say it. It can only be described like this: like entering the Qinglou. The female anchors who often have double -row with doinb have delicious, and they directly send barrage to express their thoughts, making Doinb cry and laugh.

    doinb wants to get out, but may have a contract with the platform, so you ca n’t throw away the female accompaniment. Fortunately, at this time, the cute noodles accompanied Doinb to answer the questions, but at this time the barrage was all like this: "Really disgusting", "Fuck color", "Can't hold the gun?"

    doinb I don't know what the question answering, I said that I like to control the points and control the crispy points. After answering, he looked at the nobles in his room, and then found that the crispy was still not left in his live broadcast room, so Doinb laughed awkwardly.

    The crispy crispy may not be able to stand up anymore, so I made an opinion on Doinb to make Doinb pretend to be out of power to get rid of these women. In the end, doinb helped the female to play a wave of advertisements for free, and threw off these women to play. It is worth mentioning that the title of Doinb live room is actually related to a smile: Smile comes in and teaches you to accompany the younger sister.

    In fact, after watching the live broadcast, I suddenly felt that the girl who was playing may be for making money, so I ran the train with full mouth. But such girls, maybe wealthy bosses like, and the real innocent boys must not be appreciated. what do y'all think?

  2. First of all, you have to take the initiative to communicate with the boss in communication what the current point of your boss likes, so that you will talk about his hobbies. Everyone's personality is different. Most people like to talk about this fun, and some people like to talk about other messy things. You have to learn to adapt. However, the final situation is specific to the specific analysis. You do n’t know how to communicate with strangers. You can read more books such as communication, or more interpersonal communication programs, improve your emotional intelligence, so that you may be in this circle. Mix well.
    Simbicing platforms are similar to intermediaries, introduce gamers and players to play games together, and then extract a part of the amount of transaction as a profit;
    second, set up advertisements at a certain position The advertising fee obtained by promotion;
    The third is to make a profit in the way of recharge.
    Related, you can learn about the accompanying platform of Yixun Play. A platform that can obtain benefits from the game without worrying about technical issues, no need to worry about security issues, log in at any time and exit at any time. It is indeed possible, but it depends on the different ways of making money online games. There are many ways to make money online games. For example, the most common equipment to sell equipment to sell money is very valuable. There are very few games that are practiced on behalf of the game, but the most common thing is to make money by making virtual items in the game and selling games. Everyone’s conditions are different.

  3. How to chat with you, if you ordered a accompanying play, you don't need to consider this problem, because the accompanying play is to play games with you, and then chat with you. He should take the initiative to find the topic and let the atmosphere active.

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