1 thought on “Will the GTA6 map have China?”

  1. Without China, the GTA6 game map may cover the entire territory of the United States.
    "Grand theft Auto Vi" is the sixth work of the "Grand Theft Auto" series, which has not yet been listed.
    The game is not officially announced, setting plots, virtual maps, and release time have not yet been clear.
    . According to the leaked information, "GTA 6" will be launched in 2025.
    Tom he Henderson stated in the recent video that "GTA 6" will see the VICE CITY when it was launched in 2025. It is often accurate, but he is not known for his leakage of "GTA".
    it House learned that the criminal city of "GTA 6" will obviously also have the "Fortress Night" -like element, such as a map of continuous changes and development in the life cycle of the game. This should help to maintain the freshness of "GTA Online" after the game is launched, not only occasionally some content can be interested in players.

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