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  1. The four traditional ancient coins of "Fortune Jinbao" were nasty money, and appeared during the Han Dynasty to the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Tang and Song dynasties (including Liao), the Jinyuan period, and the Ming and Qing dynasties.
    The variety of money -hating money, the appearance content from praise to the auspiciousness to the vassal, from marriage and funeral to marrying birthday, from evil spirits to cause and effect, from Buddhist scriptures to Taoist mantras, from birds and beasts to fairy ghosts and ghosts , From flowers and trees to pavilions, from historical stories to poetry and song Fu Fu;
    The content of the performance can be divided into the following six types:
    The birthday category: such as Fushou Kangning, the world's peace, r,
    The career: such as the sun, such as the sun, the Wanli Fenghou, etc.,
    Dority: such as the five sons, the champion, the first, the third element of the middle, the
    Golden Wanli et al.,
    Wishes and praise: such as endless flow, dragons and phoenixes, etc.
    Extension information:
    Coli and discrimination
    The coins that are not formal in ancient Chinese coins. Although they cast the shape of the coin, they cannot exercise the function of the currency. This It is a bad money, also known as "overwhelming money." Because most of them have patterns and rewards, folks are commonly known as "spending money" and "playing money".
    The patterns on winning money have the content that reflects ancient folklore, so some scholars call it "folk money". Both the officials and the people have been cast in the past, but most of them are privately cast. The materials are generally gold, silver, copper, tin, and ivory, especially copper. Identifying money is mainly used for gifts, rewards, accessories, hexagrams, evil spirits, etc., with many types and different shapes. It is a wonderful work in the colorful treasure trove of ancient China.
    Iladies to win money are a reflection of the relationship between ancient money and folk customs, folk customs. The above patterns are mostly related to historical religious beliefs, folk art, social customs, and mysterious culture. value.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia — Disposal money

  2. There are Han, Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, Song, Liao, Jin, and Yuan.
    The earlier originated money originated in the Han Dynasty. Since the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, after the Song, Liao and Golden Yuan, the wins and money have been fully developed. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the casting and spreading of the coins were in the heyday, and the content involved almost all the areas of people's lives, and the title was even more named. Its shape, inscriptions, and decorations have reached a beautiful realm.
    Extended information:
    The winning money is mostly a product of private money and superstition. It is mainly because of its informal currency. In the past, coin scholars rarely studied. For further discussion, but in fact, the money is widely spread, and the existence has a long time.
    It at the same time, from the perspective of the types of winning money, the casting workers, etc., most of them are beautiful and exquisite, so I am also an important category in coins. , With extremely valuable reference value.
    As the heat collection of ancient money, the competition in the field of coin collection has become fierce. Due to the limited coins, limited existence of strange products, and various factors such as the digestion and saturation of the ancient money market, some people began to broaden the eyes of the collection. Because of their money, they are also favored by collectors. Become a collection.
    Because of the rich cultural connotation, the research and collection of winning money is also a pursuit and exploration of the spiritual world of our ancestors. Due to the increasingly rare money, its rising and value -added space is also extremely considerable.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Idestling Money

  3. There are twelve zodiac coins on the back of the ancient currency of the fortunes and ancient coins. The Song Dynasty was made of bronze. The size is generally 6 cm, square holes, and the market value is about 20,000 yuan. The size is 2 cm-5.6 cm, square holes, and the market value is between 300 yuan and 2,000 yuan; the Republic of China is brass, round holes, size 2 in size 2, and the market value is between 80 yuan and 600 yuan.

  4. Just printed the four traditional characters of Zhaocai Jinbao, one dragon on the back of the back of the dragon and a piano on a bead diameter of about 25mm. This should be the decoration that should be released now. , Also known

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