2 thoughts on “What is the relationship between SDH, PTN, OTN, BTS, BTS, BTS, BTS, BTS, BBU? Thank you”

  1. SDH: DIGITAL HIERARCHY, synchronous digital series
    ptn: Packet Transport Network, packet transmission network, is mainly used for the return of mobile or data business, which belongs to the transmission network category, but it is the core of the IP compared to SDH, which is more suitable for transmission data. Business, 2M is implemented by circuit simulation;

    otn: Optical Transport Network Optical Transmission Network
    BTS: Base Station, base station receiving station.
    bsc: base station base station controller
    bbu: base band unite baseband processing unit 3G source

  2. Supplement:
    sdh, PTN, and OTN are three transmission devices.
    BTS is applied to 2G
    bbu applied to 3G
    The is plain: BTS receiving sending signals echo the BSC through the transmission device. BSC is equivalent to managing BTS housekeeper RNC echo

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