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  1. In order to get money, some people do not hesitate to start with the people around them. Recently, the online exposed father and daughter abducted their daughter girlfriends, and they even asked the girlfriend's mother to ask for money, and even stole the money in other people's credit cards. What do you do? Is it just for money? Let's take a look together.

    The 16 -year -old daughter conspired, set up a bureau to abduct her daughter's friends, asking for ransom 3 million yuan. Father and daughter kidnapped their daughter girlfriends. For the sake of money, they embarked on the road of illegal crimes. I have to say that the father and daughter wanted money to be crazy. If the road goes wrong, you can't look back. Now, the father and daughter are sentenced to life!

    The 36 -year -old Bai Gang was from Yuncheng, Shanxi. As early as 2014, he had been sentenced to execution due to credit card fraud. The court found that in September 2016, Bai Gang proposed to his 16 -year -old daughter Xiaoyu (pseudonym) to find a rich friend to carry out abduction and ask for ransom. Target.

    The two of them premeditated. At 1 am on September 17, 2016, at the door of a singing hall near the Qiaoxiao Bridge in Chaoyang District, Bai Gang pretended to be a black car driver to take his daughter and his 17 -year -old. Friend Xiaojuan (pseudonym) was taken in a hutong near a community in the Chemical Road, Chaoyang District, and threatened Xiaojuan, electric shocks, and tied Xiaojuan with tapes and ropes, covering his eyes with cloth strips, and Xiaojuan slightly injured slightly injury. Essence

    Sub -then, Bai Gang drove Xiaojuan to Yanjiao, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, and the houses rented in advance, as well as the detention of the merchants in a community in the city of Shanxi Province. During the period, Bai Gang repeatedly asked Xiaojuan's mother to ask Xiaojuan's mother for 3 million yuan. During the entire kidnapping process, Bai Gang also spent 500 yuan, and discarded Xiaojuan's Apple mobile phone.

    In more than 60 hours of illegal detention, at 19:00 on September 19, the police rescued Xiaojuan in the Shanxi Provincial Games City and arrested Bai Gang's father and daughter on the same day.

    . At the same time, the court also found out that one day in late August before the implementation of the abduction, Bai Gang led Ms. Ma's credit card by Ms. Ma's CIMC, and the Capital Card consumption 1.3 10,000 yuan. During the trial of the case, Bai Gang's relatives had returned all the stolen money to Ms. Ma and obtained Ms. Ma for understanding.

    The trial of the Chaoyang Court believes that Bai Gang and his daughter abducted others for the purpose of ransom matter and obtained huge amounts of money, seriously infringing on the personal rights of citizens, and constituted the crime of kidnapping; Bai Gang took the purpose of illegal possession and took the lead. Consumption with other people's credit cards, the amount is large, and its behavior constitutes a crime of credit card fraud. Bai Gang committed two crimes and punished and punished according to law.

    In the end, the Chaoyang Court sentenced Bai Gang for 11 years in prison for kidnapping in the first instance, deprived of political rights for 2 years, and fined 20,000 yuan. ; The two crimes were punished and the punishment was decided to be sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison, deprived of political rights for 2 years, and fined 40,000 yuan. After the first trial was pronounced, Bai Gang appeared in court. It is reported that Bai Gang's daughter Xiaoyu was also sentenced to 3 years in prison for kidnapping.

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