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  1. You can buy a lot of things, depending on what is in the app.
    In mobile headquarters: Version 7.3.3
    1, first, click on the mobile phone on the mobile phone to open the mobile palm business hall.
    2, select me in the lower right corner after entering, click more services.
    3. In life services, click to find the phone bill to shop.
    4, after entering the phone bill shopping page, click to select shopping.
    5, then click on the page to open the product you want to buy.
    6. Finally, click on the product page to buy immediately.

  2. There are fewer things that can be bought with call fees, mainly as follows:
    1, and Alipay binding. When buying and paying, there is a line that uses mobile phone payment binding and Alipay. , Call qq coin
    4, Youku charging video, you can use the call fee to buy
    5, mobile phone payment, small phone fee payment
    6, Thunder member, QQ member, ultra Q and other
    extension information:

    The call for mobile phones can generally only be used for the cost of package costs and the deduction of the value -added business, and cannot be used to buy physical consumption. But if the product statement can be purchased, it can be purchased.
    Callow fees usually refer to the pre -deposit fee of the phone. When the bill balance is insufficient, it will cause the downtime, which will cause the service provider to continue to provide services to users and the phone cannot be used. Sometimes it also refers to the cost of telephone consumption, so the cost of the phone refers to the cost of pre -depositing or consumption.
    Reference materials:

    Call charge Baidu Encyclopedia

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer mobile phone bills can charge Q coins, buy lottery tickets, recharge Jinjiang coins, buy some video software charging videos, etc.; Open [Jinjiang Novel Read]-[Personal Center]-[Recharge]-[Mobile SMS recharge], enter this machine, enter this machine Number, select the recharge amount, click [confirm the recharge].nCan I cash out questions?nAnswer dear. The phone bill cannot be cash.n1. Buy virtual currencies such as Q coins and sell again. This method will lose the call fee because there are discounts. 2. Because you don't know which operator your mobile phone is, this method cannot guarantee: handle a proxy recharge business to recharge other telephones. This requires the customer service phone of the corresponding operator. As far as I know, China Unicom has corresponding business, and mobile should also be similar. If you can recharge other calls, you can sell calls on Taobao. You can choose an online replacement type, you can also get a mobile phone card, then recharge, and then disassemble the machine. For recharge cards that have not yet been charged, you can sell monetization on Taobao or Baidu.nThank you questionsnthanksnWhere can I sell Q coinsnAnswer Q coins can not be sold. Of course, it can be sold. 1. Q coins can not be used to exchange money. 2. Place orders on the Yunqi Pavilion Platform. 3. After the order is completed, contact customer service to consignment. 4. Usually within ten minutes, all operations will be completed and the payment will be receivedn6 morenBleak

  4. There are very few things that can be bought with call fees,
    1, binding with Alipay, when buying and paying, there is a prompt to use the mobile phone payment binding and Alipay. Charging QQ coins
    4, Youku charging video, you can buy
    5, mobile phone payment, small phone bill payment
    6, Thunder member, QQ member, super Q, diamond, etc.

  5. The connection fee of the China Union can be used to open some other businesses, such as Thunder members, Momo members, etc., but you need to depend on whether China Unicom supports it. The specific policies are subject to the local Unicom. Some provinces and cities also support calling for recharge Q coins (such as Jiangsu, Shanxi, Guangdong, etc.). Of course, some Unicom's business can also be opened, such as dazzling bells, traffic superimposed bags, SMS superposition packages, etc. You can pay attention to whether other businesses that are more interested in whether to support mobile payment methods and how to support the Unicom number of call payment payment, and specifically combine the policy of Unicom in your local city.

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