4 thoughts on “Why is the walking dead in the United States very low ratings in the United States”

  1. "The Walking Dead" is not low in ratings in the United States and is very high.
    The development momentum of the American cable TV AMC's drama "The Walking Dead" is getting fiercer. In the first season of 2010, there were only 6 episodes, but once the launch of the popularity, the second season of 2013 became 13 episodes. Although the advancement of the second season of the plot slowly caused some fans to dissatisfy, the ratings were still rising, and they were full of suspense. The last episode set the highest ratings in the show -8.99 million viewers watched. The fifth season launched in mid -October 2014 expanded to episode 16, and the first episode attracted 10.87 million viewers to watch, setting the highest ratings in the history of the American cable TV series.

    "The Walking Dead" is a American horror TV series directed by Frank Drabonte. Yuan et al. Starring. Adapted from the comics of the same name. The show was broadcast on AMC Cable TV Network on October 31, 2010. It is the first authentic zombie TV series in the history of TV.
    This mainly about the protagonist Rick is the deputy sheriff of a small town in the suburbs of Atlanta. In the process of implementing official duties, Rick was shot, seriously injured, and was rushed to local hospitals for rescue. When Rick woke up, it was found that the world had spread and crisis.

  2. Is it low? I remember not to be low. When the desperate poison division ended, AMC reached a peak of ratings. Remember to have a good viewing on the dead body.

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  4. Because the Americans’s aesthetics are different, why is the bad movie in Europe and the United States eating incense when it comes to China?

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