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  1. Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. This is the corporate standard. I hope it will help you
    The market capacity of the liquor industry

    It according to statistics, the market size of the domestic liquor industry is currently More than 600 billion yuan, ranking first in the food and beverage sector, the total market value of liquor is over trillion, and the market value accounts for 55%of the entire sector. In 2016, my country's liquor output was 13.5836 million liters, an increase of 3.23%year -on -year, and sales revenue was 612.574 billion yuan, an increase of 10.07%year -on -year. On the whole, the current overall scale (sales) of my country's liquor industry has become stable, and in the future, the internal structure upgrade and concentration of the stock game will be upgraded.

    3 core competitiveness is brand, brand scarcity is an important attribute of liquor

    The highest barriers to the wine industry are brands. Due to the scarcity of the brand, the market concentrates on advantageous brand enterprises in the context of industry differentiation. Liquor is a traditional industry with cultural adhesion. The advantages and disadvantages of the brand of the brand determine the height of the future development of the enterprise. When sharing the development opportunities brought about by the differentiation of the industry in the future development, it will have greater advantages.

    4 The concentration of the liquor industry is low, and the characteristics of regional distribution

    There are many. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 20,000 liquor manufacturers in my country, while the upper -scale enterprises have only more than 1,500. In addition, the preferences of liquor culture, taste and brand in different geographical areas are also different, which leads to obvious market decentralization and low market concentration. This scattered is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the scattered industry income, and the other is the scattered regional distribution.

    is for reference 具

  2. This is the corporate standard.
    Enterprise standard naming rules: Q/Corporate Font Number Name Standard Simal Number -Standard Formation Year.

    The enterprise standard number writing:
    1. Enterprise standard code Q/ The corporate standards formulated, approved and published on behalf of the enterprise.
    2. The company's affiliated to the administrative area code is represented by two Chinese pinyin characters using the name of the area, the county name or the industrial bureau, and the name of the head office.
    3, the company's code is determined by the enterprise. Generally, it is represented by the three letters of Chinese pinyin in the enterprise name or the three letters of English abbreviation.
    4. The order number is the order number of the enterprise standard set by the enterprise itself, which is represented by three Arabic numerals.
    5, the annual number is represented by four bits.

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