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  1. Not to mention newcomers, including many old shareholders, the concept of internal and external disks is very vague. In this case, it is definitely easy to be deceived by the dealer. Next, I will explain in detail. In order to reduce the risk of entering the pit, I hope everyone must look at it patiently.
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    . What does the outer disk in the stock mean?
    1, inner disk
    The inner plate refers to the number of actively selling transactions, which is the stock that the seller actively places to sell to sell of.
    2, outer disk
    外 refers to the number of transactions to actively buy, that is, the buyer's initiative to be lower or equal to the current purchase of one, two, and buying a third -class price to buy stocks when buying stocks. Essence
    . What does the outer disk greater than the inner disk and inner disk greater than the outer disk mean?
    The system of concepts and principles: When the stock price is about to rise and the multiple parties are stronger than the empty side, we can see that the outer disk is greater than the inner plate; when the inner plate is greater than the outer disk, the empty side is stronger than that of multiple parties, and the stock price will soon decline. Happening.
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    3. How to use the internal and external disks to judge the stock price?
    This plate size is not a criterion for the rising stock price, because sometimes they can confuse others.
    For example, if the outer disk is large, it can only represent the stock of this stock active. There are many restricted stocks that are also large, because you can only buy and not sell when you fall.
    Except for these, the internal and external disks of the stock are not necessarily real, and it is likely to be made by artificially. For example, some stock dealers in order to obtain more chips in order to make sufficient preparations for high -level selling. The dealer will deliberately release a large number of orders in one to five places. The downward trend will definitely sell it, so that it is easy to cause the inner disk to be greater than the outer disk, which makes people think that the stock price is not very good at this time.
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  3. Hi! I do n’t know if you refer to the investment variety or the market software ~~
    The inner disk in the market refers to the list of buying up ~~ The outer disk refers to the purchase of a decline ~~
    The transaction variety, using RMB transactions ~ ·
    The outer disk refers to international transaction varieties, generally use US dollar transactions ~~~
    If you still have a unclear place, you can add my QQ number (Baidu The account is), I have sorted out some information about investment practice, which can be shared ~~~~~~~

  4. Inner disk: Until the last one, all the number of hand -transactions close to the commissioned transaction on the day;
    外: As of the last one, all the number of hand -selling transactions close to the committee on the day.
    It that is, the inner disk represents the seller's power, and the outer disk represents the power of the buyer. If you want to view, there is a special division in the general market software.

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