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  1. 1: The inflation in the United States has always existed and has an increasing tendency to tend to be increasingly serious. This subprime mortgage crisis has become the fuse of the financial crisis

    First understand the concept of two common sense:
    If inflation: define everyone knows that the simple understanding is that the currency circulating in the market exceeds the total national product

    The root cause of the U.S. inflation: US financial innovation mechanism (such as the subprime mortgage crisis) continues to continue The huge amount of nominal currencies arise from the school, which means that most of the currency on the American book exists in the form of borrowing. 1,000 US dollars can be derived from 10,000 or even 100,000 US dollars, while only this 1,000 US dollars are really valuable. Others are virtual derived currency without actual value. n
    2: The current international quotation of gold is based on the US dollar, that is, the price of a ounce of gold is based on the US dollar price rather than other currency

    It is decreased year by year, so the economic growth of the United States has slowed down the superiority of the United States' superpower. Multi -pole pattern is facing the challenge world. The role played in trade is no longer so important, and the US dollar is naturally no longer. The value of precious metals such as gold and silver is eternal. It is not so much that its appreciation is the depreciation of its price (US dollar), and the continuous depreciation of the US dollar in recent years is the main reason for the continuous rise in gold prices
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n What you call "the less the economy, the more gold is rising," is the right reason that the poor economy is not optimistic about the currency of the opponent in the economic expectations. The supply and demand of the storage market determines that the price of gold is about to rise

    This review: I think of how to say that it is a bit scattered. I can summarize it.

  2. The Fed 1 trillion purchases U.S. Treasury bonds and banks with toxic bonds and non -performing assets. The reason is simple: the current prosperity deteriorates, and the simple injection liquidity can no longer stimulate the economy, because banks are not optimistic about the future economic prospects, and they are naturally reluctant to loans. After the current situation of deterioration of liquidity, banks' first priority is still self -protection, reducing non -performing assets, avoiding risks, and increasing income. It may not be the most tense. Live is the common slogan.

    This results are unwilling to see the US government, cannot promote investment, and the increasingly worse economic data and unemployment conditions have not improved, let alone restore the economy. Therefore, the only way to make liquidity actually enter the economic activities is that the government directly sprinkled the US dollar into the economic activities. As a result, there was a measure for buying government bonds. At present Some economists even compare it as "the huge nuclear warhead behind the financial crisis", so the move of buying government bonds is the beginning of shame. First of all, the revenue of Treasury bonds is reduced. Second, regardless of the effectiveness of the United States to stimulate the economy, the cause of inflation has arisen, and the depreciation of the US dollar is expected to be confirmed than being strengthened. Countries around the world holding US Treasury bonds will suffer a double blow to reducing income and shrinking principal. The whole world is assumed the consequences of the American crazy games, and this time Americans are even more crazy.

    . However, we can think that if the economic success is stimulated, the commodity market (ie, raw materials, energy, etc.) will definitely rise. Recently The direction must be to abandon the US dollar and enter the commodity market, which will inevitably cause an increase again. Of course, if it cannot effectively stimulate the economy, the American trick will eventually become a ridiculous ending of inflation, which is similar to the previous results.

    Then, we can predict, energy, non -ferrous and other products will get rid of the initial decline, and at least a few months or even one year rebound. Essence

    For the price of gold, it is not only related to the US dollar. The rise in gold prices is related to inflation. That is to say, when it is not a bad economy, the price of gold will rise. When the economy is good, the price will fall, which is one -sided view. Then we can understand why the gold will have been rising. As the price of oil rises all the way, the price index of prices has naturally risen, then the risk aversion funds have gradually entered the gold market. The reason for the real inflation is that the United States has always adopted a loose monetary policy to promote economic development. It is at the cost of inflation. At the same time, the result of the expansion economic policy is bound to be depreciated by the currency. For Americans at the time, the depreciation is indeed what they need, which is very beneficial to expand exports, which gives good economic support from another angle. So, for gold with US dollars as a quotation currency, it is normal for prices to rise all the way. As for the adjustment of gold in the later period, I still have to say that any market has its independent operation law. He may be affected by other factors, but it is only the influence, not all. 38.2%of the callback numbers that meet the golden segmentation, and another evidence is that he turned back again after that, which is the result of his own operational law.

  3. Hello: Answer your question is more troublesome. I am just a personal point of view. For your reference.
    The current financial crisis is global, full of scope, unprecedented. And the top strategic funds and some smart investment groups around the world, (this funds are very large) to avoid the impact and impact of free funds to avoid financial risks, choose a large number of US dollars, buy 3 years in the United States, 10 -year Treasury bonds, 10 -year national debt Essence
    1. Falling the global crisis, there will be risks where funds are placed. So choose to buy US debt
    2, why buy US dollars instead of gold? Because the United States is the current world economic power, the US dollar dominates the world currency market. It has good liquidity. (The benefit of liquidity is that once the crisis passes, you can buy cheap products or securities in a short time.) Suitable for large funds to settle in. Although gold is preserved, it is not good for large funds. There is no state -owned Treasury bonds that do not have countries that do not recognize the account (like the examples of the previous Russia, Mexico and other countries that do not recognize accounts)

    and the recent Fed's banknote printing, resulting in depreciation of the US dollar. (At present, some funds have escaped from the US dollar, and the US dollar will fall in 2-3 quarters.) This is a clear purpose. The depreciation of the US dollar will definitely correspond to the appreciation of the commodity. Printing has brought flooding, bank interest rates fell, and goods rose, and the US GDP in April only increased a small amount of growth. This is what the United States wants to see. The current form cannot cause inflation, but inflation will become inevitable. Because this was planned by the government. Not only the United States, the world will usher in unprecedented inflation in the next two to three years. Because the global rescue method will inevitably cause this situation. After a few years, you can naturally feel that I just tell you in advance.
    Question two,
    In the past 10 years, the US economy has been very good, and the US dollar has depreciated.
    The reason, the economy is good, everyone takes investment and consumption. A large number of strategic funds around the world have better investment places, and the US dollar does not have comparability. The depreciation of the dollar is normal.
    gold is not necessarily appreciation when the economy is not good, but when the economy is not good. At present, what I can tell you is that gold will rise sharply. Only before the rise, there would be a decline, and the risks would rise after the risk aversion was hit. You will see this naturally.
    If you are interested in this issue, I suggest you communicate with people who do futures, and you will deepen your own understanding of the macroeconomic.

  4. I can only answer your question now. Both gold and the US dollar are currency that can be directly circulated internationally internationally, but the two also have essential differences. As a banknote, the US dollar is only a symbol of gold value. Under normal circumstances The proportional relationship, but if the United States starts the banknote printing machine, it will increase the international US dollar internationally, and the inherent value of gold is still there. At this time, the US dollar is relatively gold. There is too direct relationship between between.
    It the price of many futures internationally has received the control of international consortia. Their amount of funds is particularly large. The most obvious is the price of oil. It seems that the demand for oil is particularly large, but the result is that the demand for oil in the United States has begun to shrink early, but the price of oil has been soaring. Russia has caused wrong judgment because of the analysis of the relationship between supply and demand relationship. As a result, they borrowed money from the international consortium (Russia's bank interest rates in 2007 were particularly high, reaching 13%, and only 2%internationally). , But as a mortgage of borrowing money, they still felt that the other party was stupid, because the stocks of Russia in 2007 were also crazy, reaching the level of 6000 points in China, and the risk was very high, but when the oil reached 135 US dollars a barrel of a bucket, the oil reached a bucket of $ 135 a barrel The United States held a hearings of oil price, suspected that someone deliberately raised the price of oil futures. Later, let's talk about it to be criminally responsible for malicious manipulating people, but in the end After decline, Russia suddenly lost a lot, and the money could not be redeemed to the stock mortgaged to the international consortium, resulting in a large number of state -owned enterprises' controlling stake occupied by the international consortium.

  5. One: The decline in the US dollar to foreign exchange rates is the fundamental reason for the rise in the United States. This is based on the depreciation of the dollar, not based on the CPI (price index rising). They are not contradictory. On the one hand, the United States is now in a state of deflation; on the other hand, the government prints banknotes in order to keep some companies that cannot go bankrupt, leading to rising expectations.
    : Now it has been separated from the gold -based currency system. Gold appears in the financial market with the attributes of goods. Its price is more adjusted by supply and demand. Not completely affected by the current currency.

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