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  1. Many newcomers, even saying that many old shareholders are very vague about the concept of internal and external disks. This situation is particularly easy to be deceived by the dealer. Next, I will explain in detail. In order to better avoid risks, I suggest you look at it patiently.
    In before the analysis, the welfare below is given to everyone. The 9 major artifacts of the stock will be delivered for free. It will help you to see the report, find data, and analyze the market. n. What does the outer disk in the stock mean?
    1, inner plate
    What is the inner plate? The inner disk refers to the number of actively selling transactions, that is, the transaction volume when the seller actively places the stock to sell the stock at the current price of buying one, two, and buying three.
    2, outer disk
    we use the number of transactions to buy transactions to define the outer disk, which means that the current buying one, two, and buying a third -class price of.

    . What does the outer disk greater than the inner disk and inner disk greater than the outer disk mean?
    Theoretically, the outer disk is greater than the inner disk, which can not only show that many parties are stronger than the empty side, but also show that the stock price is about to rise. When the inner market is greater than the outer disk, the stock price will fall, which can show that the empty side is stronger than many parties.
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    3. How to use the internal and external disks to judge the stock price?
    The rise and fall of the stock price is not judged by the size of the inner and outer disk, because sometimes they are very confusing.
    It is like the overseas market, it can only be explained that this stock has taken the initiative to buy a lot. In fact, many stocks that have lost limit stocks are very large, mainly because they cannot be sold when they fall.
    Except for these, the internal and external disks of the stock are not necessarily real, and it is likely to be made by artificially. For example, some stock dealers in order to obtain more chips in order to make sufficient preparations for high -level selling. When the dealer choose to throw out a large number of orders when selling one or five places. It will be showing a downward trend, and it will inevitably follow the sell, so that the external disk will be smaller than the inner plate, which makes people feel that the stock price is not good.
    So we only look at the inner and outer disks to judge the stock price. The size of the inner and outer disks is not a key factor in determining the timing of buying and selling. The real time for sale and selling must be determined in conjunction with market trends, turning points, etc. Artifacts, you can help those who just get started to quickly find the opportunity to buy and sell, and will not easily go to the inner and outer disk as: [AI auxiliary decision-making] Capture the time for sale

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  2. Internal disk: In the transaction of buying price transactions, the number of buying transactions is added to the inner disk.
    Outer disk: transactions sold by selling price. Sell ​​transaction volume statistics to the outer disk. The two data of the inner disk and outer disk can be used to determine the strength of the sale power. If the number of outer disks is greater than the inner disk, the buyer's power is strong; if the number of inner disks is greater than the outer disk, it means that the seller's power is strong.
    In the size and proportion of the number of inner disks and inner disks, investors usually find that there are more initiative to buy a plate or more active throwing. In many cases, the dealer moves, which is a more effective short -term indicator.

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