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  1. VIA, INC., referred to as VIA), was established in September 1992. It currently reaches NT $ 12.704 billion. It is a leading manufacturer of the global IC design and personal computer platform solutions. international market. In the entire semiconductor industry chain, VIA has also become a model of the era of knowledge economy due to the business model of its no -hasdable factories and the development of talent recruitment and technology development. At this stage, the number of global employees exceeds 2,000.

    The system chipset used in personal computers is the main product line of VIA Electronics. As the PC-133 system specifications were vigorously promoted in 1999, and leading the industry's import of DDR memory technology, the company has repeatedly received customers and consumers in recent years. The market share has continued to increase. The special design of each mainstream platform provides a complete corresponding solution, including Apollo PT, PM series chips supporting the Pentium 4 platform, and APOLLO KT/K8T series that supports AMD ATHLON and K8 processors. Among them, in terms of AMD processor platform, VIS Electronics is more dominant, and the share of a single platform is more than 80 %.

    It, after 1998, including several major mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures including Cyrix, IDT Centaur, S3, IC ENSEMBLE and other major mergers and acquisitions. Internet system integrates component supplier. In addition to cross -platform system chipsets, the product line content also includes the VIA C3 series processor, IEEE 1394, USB2.0, Ethernet network communication chip, light storage, audio video multimedia control chip and Windows CE related embedded system products, etc. At the same time, through the strategy cooperation with S3, VIA has also mastered advanced drawing chip technology, and after obtaining the wireless communication design team of LSI LOGIC, we strode into the field of wireless communication in the new generation. Personal computers, internet devices and information appliances need complete strength.

    2001 The platform planning and product division of the formal army at the end of the army was an important milestone in the development capabilities of VIA's active development of the system. Teng and Weihan and many other product subsidiaries. In October 2003, VIS Electronics further unified the platform business department, central processor department and embedded R

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