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  1. The Ministry of Education Examination Center and the British Cambridge University Examination Committee collaborated to hold a business English certificate examination since 1993. This series of exams are a horizontal exam. According to the actual needs of business work, the ability to use English in business and general living environment for comprehensive examinations from listening, speaking, reading, writing, and writing are comprehensively examined. A unified grade certificate issued by the examination committee.
    BEC is divided into three levels: BeC Level (BeC Level, a slight reducing to beC Pre.), BEC intermediate (BeC Vantage Level, a slightly reducing BEC VAN.), BEC Higher Level (BEC HI.) Essence Candidates can choose the corresponding level according to their English level.
    The tests are divided into two stages. The first stage is written test, including reading, writing and hearing, and the second stage is oral test. The test time is: BEC primary reading, writing for 90 minutes, listening for about 40 minutes (including filling in the answer card time), 12 minutes of oral test; 60 minutes of BEC intermediate reading, writing 45 minutes, listening for about 40 minutes (including the time to fill in the answer card) 14 minutes of oral test; 60 minutes of BEC reading, 70 minutes of writing, about 40 minutes of hearing (including filling in the answer card), and oral test for 16 minutes.
    The registration has no beginning time, that is, you can register at any time. The deadline: The deadline for registration in the first half of the year is March 10; the deadline for registration in the second half of the year is September 15. The registration deadline will change a few days a year, which will be announced by the test site. If you want to understand the specific registration of each test site, you can contact each test site.
    This registration is not limited by age, gender, occupation, region, education, etc. Anyone (including students, employees, etc.) can hold my identity documents to the local test site to register. Foreign personnel and active soldiers who work in China can also register for the examination with their valid ID. Each time you charge the examination fee (including oral test fee) BEC primary: 289.40 yuan (including 18 US dollars converted at the RMB exchange rate); BEC Intermediate: 372.60 yuan (including 22 US dollars converted at the RMB exchange rate); BEC Advanced: 488.90 yuan RMB (including 33 US dollars converted at the exchange rate). Due to the changes in the exchange rate of the RMB, each test charging standard is based on the testing point.
    "Candidates Manual", which includes the scope of the exam and the test type after signing up, for candidates for reference to reviewing
    Six (BEC primary), Saturday, June (BEC Intermediate); November Saturday, November (BEC Advanced), December Saturday (BEC Elementary), BEC Intermediate (BEC Intermediate) Essence In the morning written test, oral test in the afternoon, the oral test is slow to the morning of the second day. If the test time changes, the test site is announced. The location of the examination is the registration location, and the specific examination room will be announced by each test site.
    The test card is collected by the Overseas Examination Office of the Ministry of Education. After evaluating the results (BEC primary points Pass with Merit, PASS, N, F four, etc.; BEC intermediate divisions A, B, C, N, F five, etc.; ), Printing results notice (including failed N, F,) and the grade certificate, sent each test site to candidates after sending them to the Ministry of Education's Examination Center. The grade certificate is valid for life.
    The results may also give PENDING (unsatisfactory, to be determined), and then there is no follow -up.
    2008 Cambridge Commercial British English (BEC) Exam Time
    Coustically negotiated with the Cambridge University Examination Committee with the Ministry of Education.
    project name
    The first half of the year
    The second half of the year
    BEC junior
    May 17
    November 15
    bec intermediate n May 31 Day
    November 29
    BEC Advanced
    May 24
    November 22
    The deadline for registration in the first half of the year is March 17; the deadline for registration in the second half of the year is September On the 17th, candidates can hold their valid identity documents and registration fees to the test site before the registration deadline.
    For the level of registration, you can directly apply for your appropriate level according to your own level:
    pet3-comed4 of 470 points
    CET4 480-CET6 570 intermediate
    CET6 570 Divided into high levels above

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