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  1. This is the NO.1 Essence Dried Dry Notes of the THINKER training system. Repeated digestion and absorption, "Knowledge Crystals", which can bring new knowledge inspiration and ideas to those in need, the purpose of the note is to summarize and guide practice

    The construction is to optimize and update your "software system" so that the upgrade system can better compatible applications, eliminate more bugs.

    Lesson-Li Zhongqiu's "Effective Training Your Structural Thinking"

    1. After contacting or understanding many big cows and successful predecessors, they found that they are so "ox forks" and "powerful" "It has a common feature: efficient way of thinking.

    2. I have been confused in work and life: why the same task always can always give a solution for "Ding Ding Jie Niu" quickly and accurately. How should I do? Cultivation and learning ability.

    3. Musching the knife to cut firewood: Many people who are "tactical work to cover up strategic laziness" are seen in work collaboration and daily matters. And "structural thinking" is indeed a "weapon" that can run and solve the problem that can run through the aspects of life and work. Make my "knife"

    . Experience and pain points in daily communication: Some people can get efficient feedback results at the meeting in a few simple sentences, but some people Before I thought about what I wanted to say, I would like to say a lot of it. As a result, no one would care and waste everyone's time.

    1. "Hey, I don't have the ability to express, don't let me go to dock with the business party, I can't say it!"
    . " I really don't know how to write, I can't write ability! "

    3." The delivery time of this project is not completed, right? "

    and other

    1. It is not your expression, writing or communication ability. The fundamental reason is that you do not form a way of thinking about quickly and effective processing information, and the logical structure is unclear.

    . Those who do n’t think of the “fast response” are very smart, those who handle things are numb and reliable, because they know more about the effective way of thinking, to conduct information on the information to conduct information Summarize and organize, grasp the core accurately, "think twice" and then follow. rn rn 3.每个人的大脑容量都是有限的,但是它偏爱有规律的信息,有时候不是我们不会记忆,不会处理信息,而是方式不对rn
    part1. Popular science: Using the original pyramids to analyze a case to introduce what is structured thinking

    part2. Application step 1: Through vertical analysis, teach you how to screen for effective information from messy information. information. Core methodology: identify conclusions, reasons and facts.

    Part3. Application step 2: Through horizontal decomposition, teach you how to use the Mece rule to complete the work of summarizing and organizing information.

    part4. Step 3: Summarize the two methods and methods of using the conclusion of refining information-work summary method, persuade others to use the interpretation method
    n part5. Application steps. Fourth: How to use the four principles of "theory, certificate, class, and ratio to express your information clearly and effectively.

    "What is structural thinking"

    "Structural thinking" is simply, that is, when facing problems One by one you can solve.

    "A case of use"

    The case of disassembly: How to put a cup of 200ml of water into a 100ml cup?

    step1: Analysis of the reasons for the installation

    ️1. n
    3️. External environmental factors, the earth has gravity

    . Disassembled through the pyramid model to the following figure

    step1: Analyze the solution for each problem n
    (1) Analysis from the cup:

    a. [Consider from material] You can consider changing a cup like balloon. As the water falls in, this cup will become larger and larger,

    b. [Consider from the number] Use two 100 ml cups. In short The volume problem.

    (2.) Analysis from the flow of water:

    [Consider the material of the talent] can freeze the water into an ice pillar, then even if it is 300 ml of 300 ml The water can also be placed in the cup.

    (3.) Analysis from the external environment:

    [Considering from the conditions of the environment] The earth is gravity, then you can consider getting water and cups to get the water and cups. Go in space.

    The way of thinking used in the case is called: pyramid structure

    The characteristics of the pyramid structure:

    . n
    2. From overall to local

    3. Not restricted in details

    4. From disorder to orderly
    n " When there is no clear goal, how to use the pyramid model to process a massive information "

    Method: Inside the back

    The information, after summarizing and refining, enter the following layer, and finally settle down, you can get the lowest conclusion.

    The vertical total score structure of structural thinking

    The information faced in work and life:

    Objectives, or issues to be solved.

    then when actively identifying information, you must pay special attention to the correlation between information and your goals.

    ❓ How to find the correlation between information and goals?

    -Find Keywords: Take research Bitcoin as an example. The keywords you should recognize are "Bitcoin", "virtual currency", "mining", or the founder of Bitcoin "Nakamoto", such keywords.

    ② The second type is passively accepted a lot of complex information.

    In at this time, it is necessary to use a structured thinking method to efficiently identify information.

    (1) Identification of conclusions, reasons, facts

    step1: Find the "conclusion" in the information

    ❓ What is the conclusion:

    The conclusion is the central idea. It is the first point of view, that is, from a certain position or perspective, the views on things and problems. rn rn ❓怎样提取出结论:rn rn a.找到对方话语里表示结论的提示词rn rn 比如:因此、由此可知、可以Determine, so, indicate, the focus I want to say is, proof, the essence of the problem is ... and so on.

    b. Pay attention to several important locations in the information

    For example, we can know, so it can be concluded, so, it shows that the point I want to say is to prove it. The essence of the problem is ... and so on.

    c. If you talk face -to -face, you can ask the other party: "So".

    step2: Reasons to distinguish the conclusion of support

    ❓ Why do you want to distinguish the reason:

    There is no reason to support it.

    ❓ how to find the keywords that the reason for the other party's words

    For example: because of this fact, the following reasons, the reason for, the evidence is, the first, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, the second, and the second , Third and so on.

    step3: Finding the facts in the information

    The conclusion and reasons mentioned earlier can be subjective, but the facts must be objective.

    What is objective:

    The cases of data and unrealistic colors are objective. It is dismantled through the pyramid structure to the end, supporting conclusions and reasons.

    ❓ why the facts are important:

    Is when receiving information, only the last fact is reliable, and the logic of supporting the reasons and conclusions with it is smooth. Then the entire information you receive is complete and credible.

    The horizontal disassembly of structural thinking

    "Why information classification"

    The things that are similar in a classification will be easier to remember some

    "What method is used to classify"

    mece n Principles: There must be no cross or omissions, that is, "not heavy or missing"

    five classification methods:

    ️ ¥

    is to divide information into two parts: A and non -A.

    For example, domestic, foreign, others, self, marriage, unmarried, adults, minors, left and right, men and women, income and expenditure, professional and amateur, etc.

    ② Process method

    is to classify information one by one according to the time, process, and procedures of the development.

    The schedules you formulated in daily life, 6 steps to solve problems, and 3 stages of achievement of targets are actually process classification. The process classification Fat is suitable for reporting on project progress and stages.

    ️ ③ Election method

    This method is used to explain the characteristics of all aspects of things.

    For example, the 7 quality of outstanding employees, the company's organizational architecture diagram, etc.,

    are divided into different components. It can be from top to bottom, from outside to inside, from overall to part.

    ️ ④ formula method

    It can be classified according to the elements of the formula. As long as the formula is established, this classification meets the principle of Mece.

    For example: sales = unit price × quantity

    here is to disassemble the sales through the formula to the unit price and quantity.

    ⑤ The matrix method

    . When we arrange work, there is a classification method to divide your work into the following four types:

    (1) Important urgency, (2) important is not urgent, (3) is not important but urgent, (4) is not important or urgent.

    Then you can fill them into the four quadrants. These 4 quadrants are the 2 × 2 matrix I said. This classification method is called the matrix method.

    The key to this classification method is that you have to use the two -point method twice.

    mece benefits: not only can be classified and sorted out of all information, but also when you think about the constituent elements of things, you can even stimulate the ideas you did not expect to expand your you Thinking.

    The classification model of specific scenes

    ① 3C model

    company (Company)

    Customer (Customer)

    Race ()

    ② 4P structure when making marketing decisions


    Channel (Place)

    The first letter composition of the four words of marketing (Promotion)

    : ① Work summary: Use induction ② to persuade others: use the interpretation method.

    The keywords of induction method: So

    The keywords: three paragraphs, prerequisites.

    "What is the conclusion?"

    The conclusion is the theme sentence with central thought.

    This is a way of thinking from special to general, that is, the characteristics of similar things are summarized according to the special nature of many things.

    The example: The magpie is a bird, the magpie will fly. The crow is a bird, and the crow will fly. So the conclusion is that all birds will fly.

    but! Note: Make sure the main points you listed are exhausted. Otherwise, the conclusion may not be correct.

    ❓ How to find commonality:

    The descriptive summary and action summary.

    ① Descriptive summary: In short, it is to find out the common points in the attributes of things.

    ② Activity summary: Find the commonality of the results of the event

    Please note the differences of these two refined methods:

    The first type of In summary is the common point in the attributes;

    The second one is one step forward to guide the final result.

    So the best way is to find the commonality of things itself, and then give a complete and meaningful conclusion information by summarizing the conclusions of the development of things.

    For example: the commonality of the work itself is: training

    The commonality of the work results is to enhance the students' enthusiasm and participation of marketing.

    The start from the bottom of the pyramid, classify all elements, and the deduction process from bottom to top.

    "Summary of incomplete situations"

    You did not deduct the conclusion to the top of the pyramid, and mistaken a sub -conclusion as the true conclusion.

    In solutions: Ask one more "so" until I can't ask

    is the three -stage interpretation method of Aristotle that everyone is familiar with
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n 1. Large prerequisite

    2. Small prerequisites

    3. Conclusion

    usually big premise is the commonality of things. Things, conclusions are the nature of specific things.

    The example: Big premise, everyone will die;

    Social premise, Socrates is a human;

    conclusion, Socrates must also be too will die.

    ❗ ️ Note: It should be noted here that the premise must meet the unsuccessful conditions, otherwise the persuasion cannot meet the effect.

    "Prerequisites that are easy to cause controversy"

    1. The premise is subjective judgment


    The first controversy to avoid:

    The premise should try to quote the universal truth or objective facts, such as the axiom, theorem or industry law that everyone recognizes.

    It the second controversy to avoid:

    Is when listed the prerequisite elements, try not to exceed 3 items.

    "Common expression misunderstandings"

    why my report makes you not understand because there is no conclusion at the beginning, there is no classification between the details, and there is no classification between the details. Unrelated.

    "Clearly express four principles"

    "Theory, certificate, class, ratio"

    ① On
    n conclusion First: An expression only supports one thought

    is best to appear at the beginning. This is called the conclusion first. ️

    ② card

    proves: That is, the above.

    The main points of any level must be the summary of its next level points.

    The content of the last level is objective facts or data.

    ③ Class

    classification group
    ④ ratio

    Therefore, each point needs to be arranged in a certain logical order.

    is right. The expression of structure is based on the conclusion, the conclusions of the layer argument, and the process of reinforcing the conclusion.

    The vertical upward, the top layer is a summary, and then the main points of the support conclusion should be divided into layers until the objective facts and data; It has a logical relationship.

    "Three points of important things"

    ① First, you have to give a conclusion; Three reasons for conclusions. They also meet the principle of "demonstration ratio".

    The horizontal upwards must meet "class" and "comparison". "Prove", dig the depth of thinking.

    Tessor Li Zhongqiu, the lecturer of this course, hopes that the goal of this course can be achieved: allowing learners to start "seeing the world through the structure", and this thinking ability is not just listening to the short after listening to it just after listening to it The course that can be internalized into its own ability in less than an hour, and practice and deliberate practice can turn the "truth" into "the method of living a good life"

    Express strong, refreshing life, efficient work

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