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  1. The MA indicator is the abbreviation of English average, called the mobile average index. The moving average (MA) has the characteristics of the trend. It is relatively stable, unlike the daily K line will rise and fall to the ground shock. The longer the moving average, the more stable features can be. If you don't easily go up, you must wait for the real and clear trend of the stock price. The moving average is a trend tracking tool in the end, which is convenient for identifying the trend to end or reverse, and whether the new trend is formed.

  2. MA is the abbreviation of the mobile average. It is usually set to 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 250, etc. Generally, it is also called half -year line on 120 days.

  3. Moving average, MOVING AVERAGE, referred to as MA, originally meant the moving average. Because we make it into a linear, it is generally called the mobile average, referred to as the moving average. It is the sum of the closing price of a certain period of time. For example, the daily line MA5 refers to the closing price within 5 days.
    The moving average was proposed by the famous American investment expert Joseph E.Granville (Grandi, and translated as Grandwell) in the mid -20th century. The moving average theory is one of the most common technical indicators in today's applications. It helps traders confirm the existing trend, judge the trend of the emergence, and discover the upcoming trend of excessive extension.
    The common lines of moving average are 5 days, 10 days, 30 days, 60 days, 120 days, and 240 days. Among them, a short -term movement average of 5 days and 10 days. It is a reference indicator for short -term operations, which is called the daily moving average indicator; 30 days and 60 days are the mid -term moving average indicators, called the quarterly moving average indicator; 120 days and 240 days are long -term moving average indicators, called annual moving average indicators. The test of the mobile average is generally performed from several aspects.
    Segis and friends can use the moving average as a reference indicator when choosing stocks. The mobile average can reflect the trend of price trends. The value of the value is made. Shareholders and friends can put the daily K -line diagram and the average line in the same diagram to analyze it, which is very intuitive.
    The most commonly used method for moving average is to compare the relationship between the moving average of the securities price and the securities itself. When the price of securities rises and higher than its mobile average, a purchase signal is generated. When the price of securities fell, below its mobile average, the selling signal was generated.
    The reason why this signal generates is because people think that the mobile average "line" is a powerful standard for supporting or blocking prices. The price should rebound from the moving average. If you break through without rebound, it should continue to develop in this direction until it finds a new level plane that can be maintained.

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