How to look at the broader market moving average

How to look at the broader market moving average

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  1. Many shareholders and friends may be more concerned about the stock price when stock trading, but some important technical indicators will be ignored, but stock trading will use technical indicators, and moving average is one of the important indicators in technical indicators. What does the moving average mean, how do you think and how to apply it? Let me talk briefly next, I hope to help everyone. Before talking, the school sister may wish to receive a wave of benefits-the selected bull stocks of the institution is freshly released. The opportunity is rare to miss the list of cattle stocks recommended by the [Telling Secret] institution. Intersection Intersection
    I. Definition of moving average
    1, what is the moving average
    The moving average is an important technical indicator. This is often used by investors. Except a moving average obtained by this cycle. Assuming that one week, 5 days is a trading day, and the closing price of 5 trading days is added with the average value calculated by 5. Similarly, the moving average of the 10th and 20th can also be calculated by this method.
    2, what are the moving average, different colors
    The moving average is different according to the selected parameters, and the effect and response are different. Common parameters are 5 days, 10th, 20th, 30th, 60th, 120th, and 250th. Commonly used colors include white (5 -day line), yellow (10 -day line), purple (20 -day line), green (30 -day line), gray (60 -day line), blue (120 -day line), orange (250 (250) (250 (250) On the day), of course, the color is not fixed, and shareholders can set the favorite color according to their preferences.
    . The simple application of the moving average
    1. How to see the moving average in the trend chart
    (1) Add moving average: For example, press the MA key in the stock software interface as shown in the following figure. It's right.

    (2) View moving average:

    2. Which piece of
    to which the average price and trend within a time interval are called the moving average. The overall operation of prices in the past period of the past period is directly present to us. Each line has its own role and significance. Let me briefly talk about their relationship.
    (1) The 5th moving average (attack line): The stock price rose broke through the attack line, and it also showed an upward trend. In the short term, it will be watched. In the same way, if the 5 -day moving average falls below the moving average, it will be short in the short term.
    (2) 10th moving average (quotation line): When the trading line continues to rise, the stock price breaks through the trading line, which represents the rising segmentation midline, otherwise the decline.
    (3) 20 -day moving average (auxiliary line): Assisting the 10 -day moving average is its main role, promotes and corrects the perspective of price operation intensity and trend, and stabilizes the direction of price trend operation. If the auxiliary line in the disk shows a continuous upward attack state, if the price far exceeds the auxiliary line, it means that the band -mid -line market has begun to see more, and the reverse is empty.
    (4) A moving average (lifeline): The trend of indicating the mid -term motion of the stock price is its role, and the most important role of the lifeline is to have strong pressure and support. It is similar in the disk. If the trend of the lifetime is obtained, and the stock price is soaring or the online will look at more, or it is empty.
    (5) 60 -day moving average (decision line): You can see the mid -term reversal trend of the price, and guide the large -scale band level to run in the predetermined trend. For this moving average, the basic main force is very important, and it plays an indispensable role in the mid -term trend of the stock price.
    (6) 120 -day moving average (Trend Line): The role is still the same, which means that the price of the long -term price in the long -term price is indicated. In terms of price, it can run in a specific trend in a large -scale band. If the trend line is broken by the stock price, the reversal should not happen in a short period of time, and it takes about ten days to reverse.
    (7) 250 -day moving average (annual line): It is mainly used as a reference moving average layout for long -term investment. The company's general situation and performance are presented.
    The main uses of these lines have been mentioned above, but the actual situation should be combined with multiple moving average to get better and more accurate answers and effects. I don't know which stock can be purchased? Will there be some problems? Click this link directly to get your exclusive shares report! [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    3, what are the common forms of moving average?
    (1) Multi -head arrangement: It means that the current moving average supports the stock price rising, and it is more.

    (2) Blind arrangement: It shows multiple moving average anti -pressure stock prices, which are empty.

    (3) Silver Valley: The images formed when the short and medium lines are worn through the long line. There is a triangle below, or a quadrilateral. The valley is called Silver Valley.
    (4) Golden Valley: Another valley appears after the silver valley, which is generally more secure than the buying point of the silver valley.

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  2. The moving average of the broader market is the same as the moving average of individual stocks. The moving average is a trend indicator. The significance it represents is the average closing price of the N cycle. The length of its cycle is the manifestation of the time effect, indicating that the level of price changes in different periods from the length to the short direction will strengthen the current market trend; otherwise, the long -term direction should be used as the market direction, and the short -term view should be seen in the short term. The work is a long -term correction, and the possibility of correction may change the long -term direction. Of course, there is another situation that each cycle moving average is tightly wrapped, which is often the result of long and short balance in the market. It is also the gathering of power before the disk. It is the most direct confirmation in the direction of the disk. On the contrary, it may be digging a pit.

  3. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has not been bad on the 31st: the short -term 5 and 10 days have not yet appeared, and the long -term moving average is still strong in 120 days. 1 Excessive enthusiasm and large trading volume today, the moving moving trend may return to the strong. 2 panic ’s spread, the market has fallen sharply, and the short -term moving average is bad, but the long -term moving average may not be affected in the short term.
    If you are not asking which day, you want to know how to use the moving average, hey, you can focus on the 30th, the average of 120 days, and the average of 250 days. My own mA

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