1 thought on “Where is Malaysia's Star Yunmiyi Bank?”

  1. This Muyi Bank was renamed by Munics before the full Nebula. Munics was exposed too much, and there was no new leek to pick up the inventory. Relevant departments in many places have reminded the risks of Yu Yiyi Bank, such as the official Weibo of the Propaganda Department of the Chongqing Liangping District Committee of Chongqing, and the "Risk Tips on" Sakurai Bank "from Yuzhong District. According to the letter: [Recently, the city found an enterprise obviously suspected of MLM and illegal fundraising activities. Carry out illegal fund -raising activities and flicker the masses to buy overseas virtual currency (MSC). Here, the district non -office reminds the masses to increase their awareness. Do not participate in it and beware of being deceived. Participate in illegal financial activities, the law is not protected, and the government does not pay. ..
    This banks will not let you know their addresses; especially the recent Malaysian projects launched, be cautious, and don't cut people as leeks!

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