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  1. The golden trend chart is the technical graphics displayed on the coordinate chart on the coordinate chart of the price, time, transaction volume and other information of the gold trading market in a certain period of time. Gold (gold code should be familiar with before learning, the horizontal axis of the general usual practice is xauusd, or GOLD) coordinates are a fixed time cycle. The upper half of the vertical axis is the gold price or index of the time cycle. Part of the transaction volume. According to the definition, the trend chart can be divided into two types of spot gold curve trend chart and spot gold K -line trend chart.
    What do you think of the spot gold k -line trend chart?
    Stock trend chart of the red and green column line: There is a red and green column line near the two curves of red and white, which reflects the ratio of the buying disk and selling disk of all stocks in the market. The decrease in the growth of the red column line indicates the increase or decrease of the increase in the power of the increase; the shortened growth of the green column line indicates the strength of the decline in selling.
    Stock trend chart yellow column line: Below the red and white curve chart, it is used to represent the volume of each minute, the unit is hand (each hand is equal to 100 shares).
    Stamer Sellers of the spot gold trend chart: It means that all the stocks are commissioned to commission the next three grades and sell the sum of the three -gear number.
    The value of gold trend chart of spot gold: It is the ratio of the difference between the number of sellers of the commissioner. When the commission is larger than the value is positive, it means that the chance of the buyer's strong stock index rises a high chance; when the value of the committee is negative, it means that the seller's strong stocks have a strong chance of falling. The other is that the gold trend chart is affected by the transaction time, which is very important for our investment. He is very important to influence the trend and spot gold trend chart of the spot gold.
    It, there are many factors that affect the price of gold, such as: the expected annualized interest rate and monetary policy of international politics, economic exchange market, and major European and American countries to increase or decrease the gold reserves of gold reserves, the lifting industry and the cost of gold mining costs, and The increase or decrease of jewelry gold all affects its trend. Investors can make a relatively basic judgment and grasp of the trend of gold prices based on these factors. The change in the price of spot gold is closely related to the change of the spot gold K -line chart. Therefore, when you look at the spot gold K -line trend chart, you must also consider various factors affecting the price of gold.

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