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  1. In the 20th century, at a lecture at the California Science Center in the United States, an article entitled "Digital Earth" introduced the concept of "digital earth". Since then, the term "digital earth" has become the highlight of major media propaganda and reports, and it has become popular all over the world. So, what exactly is the digital earth?

    It virtual earth

    We we have seen such a situation on TV: When people wear a helmet on their heads, a "earth" appears in front of us. Scenery from space. If you put a very special glove on your hand, then, as the scene in front of you enlarge, "Earth" will continue to approach you. Then you see a continent that appears in the ocean, and then it is The cities and villages on land, finally saw streets, houses and trees, as well as various natural and artificial landscapes ... The most exciting thing is that people can travel here, and they can be unlimited. Crossing space and time. This situation is actually a digital earth, and it is more true that it refers to the informatization earth.

    The global informatization

    "Digital Earth" is a global information model designed by people. One correspondence. These information include natural information such as terrain, landforms, geological structures, land, mountains, climate, etc., as well as humanistic information such as historical revolution, local customs, cultural education, population, transportation, economy, science and technology, industrial and agricultural production ... For the Earth's "information system, people can easily grasp and understand any information about the world, so as to realize the dream of" information is on the fingertips ".

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