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  1. American pensions do not rely entirely on the government, but the government needs to provide retirees' most basic pension needs. The sources of income from the elderly in the old age of the United States mainly come from the five major aspects, namely social security gold, 401K retirement savings, financial real estate and other income, pension, and work income. Overall, social welfare in the United States is not the best in Western countries, but its social security gold system is the largest in the world. More than 90%of the workers in the United States can receive social security after retirement, which plays a considerable role in reducing the rate of poverty in the United States. According to the law, everyone who work as long as a certain period of time, and the federal government can receive social security (pension) from the federal government every month after retirement.

    If according to the US Social Security Bureau, in 2013, 58 million retirees will receive pensions (social security gold), with a total amount of $ 821 billion. According to the actual data of social security funds issued by the US Social Security Bureau in December 2012, 37 million retirees across the United States received pensions, with a total amount of $ 463 billion, and the average retirement deposit of each retirement was $ 1262 per month. There were 2.9 million spouses of retirees who also received retirement pensions, and the total retirement and amount received for a total of 1.8 billion US dollars. The American Social Security Fund is not only established for retirees, but also provides social security benefits for the disabled and citizens of the widow. In December 2012, 8.8 million disabled people received social security, with a total amount of $ 10 billion and an average of $ 1130 per person per month. The family members of the disabled can also enjoy the benefits of Social Anthology, December 2012. The family members of 2.1 million disabled people received social security. If the couple's family dies, the spouse without a community can continue to receive the social security gold of the dead spouse. In December 2012, there were 6.3 million widowed residents in the United States received social security gold, with a total amount of $ 6.6 billion, and the average social security fund received per person per month was $ 1215.

    The social security gold in the United States is a popular pension. Because it involves a wide range, it has also become the most basic source of pension funds for the people. According to statistics, 90%of the workers over 65 years old can receive pensions such as social security gold after retirement, accounting for about 40%of the total income of the elderly in the United States after retirement. Americans' pensions are issued by the federal government, and the federal government mainly accumulates funds by collecting salary taxes to allow Americans to retire. Therefore, every wage earlier will pay salary taxes from the day of work, usually 6.2%of the income, and the employer must pay the same proportion of salary tax. Therefore, the minimum pension (social security gold) of Americans after retirement has no bottom line, usually around $ 800, which mainly depends on how much income is at work. However, the US social security gold has the highest limit. According to the 2013 standards, the maximum amount of pensions received from the federal government from the federal government is $ 2533. From this point of view, the amount of American retirement benefits responsible for the federal government is not large in terms of amount, and the range of pensions is between $ 800 and $ 2,500.

    In 2013, Americans' pensions were raised. According to statistics, the pension issued by the federal government, according to the average retirees, a monthly pension is $ 1261, and the pension that the couple can receive an average of $ 2048 a month. If a widowed woman has two children, the pension that can be received per month is $ 2592. The old man who widowed the puppet per month was $ 1214. The pension that the disabled can receive each month is $ 1132. If the disabled people have a spouse and a child, the monthly pension can rise to $ 1919.

    If according to statistics from the US Social Security Administration, social security gold is the main source of income after retirement of most Americans. In 2007, half of the income of 63%of retirees came from Social Security Gold, and 90%of 32%of retirees' income came from Social Security Gold. According to government reports, because the social security gold project has become one of the main economic sources of the elderly in the old age, this makes the elderly over 465 years old be exempted from being poverty. It can be seen from the amount of social security gold received by Americans that even if there is no other source of income after retiring, the social security gold life issued by the government will basically not be reduced to the poor. Therefore, the focus of retirees implemented by the United States is to the basic life of guarantors after the elderly, and it covers all retirees who have worked.

    Americans' pensions are not only the social benefits of retirees, but also benefit their spouses and children. If the retirement dies, his spouse can receive the social security gold of his died without income, but to meet the following conditions: First, the spouse is over 50 years old and belongs to the disabled person; the other is that the spouse is over 60 years old; No matter how old the spouse is, children under 16 or disabled in their homes need to be raised. As long as one of the above three conditions is met, the spouse can enjoy the social security gold of the dead. Even after the spouse was 60 years old, she was still in line with the social security gold benefits of the spouse before the death. The amount of social security gold enjoyed by the surviving retirement spouse is also based on age. If it is time to get the age of the full social and gold, it will start to receive it. Social security gold deductions received in advance are decided according to age. At present, there are about 5 million widowers in the United States to enjoy the social security gold benefits of the dead spouse, which is a great help for the life of the elderly, especially women.

    If the death of retirees, children in the family can also enjoy the social security gold of the dead. The conditions for the children of retired retirees to receive the agency An Jin are: not more than 18 years old; those who are still studying in high schools from 18 to 19; those who are 18 to 22 years old. If retirees are to support their parents, and the cost of supporting is more than half of the living costs of the elderly, in this case, if the retirees die, his parents can enjoy the treatment of the death of the person who passed away. As for how many social gold can be received every month, this should be handled according to the specific situation and regulations.

    The situation is more special. If the retirees are divorced, can he receive his social security gold before his death? At this point, the government's regulations are still humane. As long as the marriage of the original spouse has been maintained for 10 years, the age is over 60 or over 50 years old but belongs to the disabled person. An Jin. The former spouse has no income, but needs to raise children. After the spouse divorced, she was not married before the age of 60. It meets one of these two conditions. The former spouse can also receive the social security gold of retirees.

  2. The American pension system is not as single as China. Its pension system is generally divided into three parts: government, enterprises, and individuals. The state has corresponding tax preferential policies for each part.
    It from some of the general numbers below, you can probably understand the American pension system. If you want to learn more about the landlord, you also need to check a lot of articles.
    The US government civil servants or those who pay salary paid by the government. Their pension and social security benefits are generally 60%to 75%of the salary of the previous year. Because private company employees adopt another retirement system, each company has different situations and employees' investment in retirement funds, and the pension they can receive after retirement should be observed and analyzed based on cases.
    The pension system in the United States can also be divided into social security gold, personal retirement accounts, company retirement plans (401K), pension, etc. According to statistics from the US Social Security Bureau, the old -age funds of Americans after retirement are mainly from the following aspects. Social security gold accounts for about 39%of the pension. The company's or government retirement plans account for about 19%of pensions. Personal stocks and securities income account for about 26%of pensions. The income of other assets accounts for about 13%of the pension, and other income accounts for about 3%of the pension.
    Americans' pensions do not simply depend on retirement pensions, but have a variety of combinations, so it doesn't matter how much it is spent when you are young, because it has a social security gold, personal retirement account, and company retirement plan (401K) The corresponding amount has been paid in the accounts and other accounts, and there will be corresponding guarantees when they are old. In addition to social security (the insurance population is 26%of the labor population, accounting for 26%of the labor population), most of them rarely plan for the elderly and individuals. In addition to personal savings, there is no guarantee. It is unknown because individual savings spend a little bit. Little, can you spend the day? Can it guarantee not to be occupied by other things?
    So from this point of view, when you are young, do a little business pension insurance, whether it is domestic or Hong Kong, it is still necessary.

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