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  1. The statutory retirement insurance for the elderly is compulsory, contribution and welfare. Retirement and medical insurance funds have normal sources and can self -adjust and self -adjustment.
    The receipt and support for the pension is determined in accordance with the principles of income and payments, and the balance of revenue and expenditure. According to the predictions of the population aging and the needs of retirement expenditure, the insurance tax rate The purpose of normal operation.
    In 1934, Roosevelt established the Economic Insurance Commission. In 1935, the Social Security Law was announced. In 1939, the disability insurance and elderly spouse pension insurance was added. After several years of preparation. After accumulating a large fund, it was implemented in 1942 and began to pay pensions. There were no new changes in World War II.

    The 1950s had a big exhibition. In 1965, the elderly's medical insurance was added, and in 1972, it was added to the disabled medical insurance. After more than 50 years of gradual development and improvement, a huge social security system has been formed.
    Extension information:
    A American Social Security Law:

    It American Social Security Law, one of the important legislation during the New Deal of the United States, passed on August 14, 1935. The purpose is "aimed at improving public welfare, and a social security system is established to provide some states with more reliable living security for the elderly, blind people, minors, and other disabled children, and for women's health, public health and unemployment subsidies. Make more proper arrangements. "
    The regulations provide relief for the elderly over 65 years old, and provide a pension for the dead who are under the age of 65 as their family membership. Provide assistance to poverty -stricken children, disabled children, women's health care and disabled. It also requires the establishment of the Social Security Administration.
    I responsible for social security. In 1967, he supplemented social security and increased the number of people enjoying pensions. Since then, the social security system has continued to improve, and the social welfare cause has developed greatly.
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