"Mathematics Heroes" Euler's genius -Euler formula, why is it called the first formula of the universe?

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  1. Euler formulas are not unfamiliar to those who learn mathematics. He is called "the most beautiful formula" and "formula created by God" by mathematicians, and even some people say that it is the first formula in the universe. This formula not only contains mathematical thoughts, but also contains the philosophy of the universe. Euler puts the most basic five constant array together, but it forms such a beautiful formula. It may be the most headache for high school students and even college students, but it is the wealth in each mathematical field.
    Mathematical hero-Leon Hadaola
    Euler is a famous mathematician and natural scientist. Euler, born in Switzerland in 1707, entered the University of Basel at the age of 13, received a master's degree at the age of 16, and was young and promising.
    and his achievements in the mathematical world are unattended. Each of the math field can see the shadow of Euler. Euler is also the founder of analytical theory. The connection between the number theory and the division is also the most produced in history. Lost, I have to say that Euler is one of the best geniuses in the mathematics industry.
    Euler formula-E^Izon 1 = 0
    In this formula, it is the constant we see on weekdays. It can be said that people who have learned mathematics will not be unfamiliar when they see it.
    The understand two transcendence: the bottom E and the peripheral rate of the number of nature, the two units: the units of the virtual number I and the natural number 1, and the most common and even the kindergarten children know 0, that is, these are these, that is, these are these, that is, these are these, that is, these are these, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is. The most basic and ordinary constant has become the most beautiful discovery for centuries under Euler's men.
    This formula not only represents mathematical thoughts, but also Euler's thinking about nature. E represents nature. π represents the possibility of infinite cycle. I represent virtual imagination. The end of all things. Nature is full of unlimited imagination, but in the end, it will return to the end. Presumably this is what the Euler formula wants to express the most.
    Why are Euler formulas the first formula in the universe?
    although this statement is exaggerated, after all, we still have a lot of the mysteries of the universe, but this also shows how deep the impact of Euler brought by people in the centuries. The biggest success of the Euler formula is that it involves a wide range of aspects and fields. It not only promotes the development of mathematics, but also makes people think of philosophical thinking. Some mathematician Gauss once said, "For the first time, a person saw that this formula could not feel its charm, he could not time mathematicians."
    In short, our understanding of the universe is unlimited, so our current development of technology is on the way to explore mystery. On one day we may see the end of the universe, see the universe’s universe, the universe’s in the universe At the end, we may return to the initial starting point at that time and see what happened at the time of birth.

  2. The Euler formula is the most beautiful formula in mathematics. The formula contains profound mathematical thoughts, and it also implies the philosophical principles of the universe. Its form is quite beautiful and charming.
    E^Iπ 1 = 0
    The constant alternation is called Euler formula. The earliest was discovered by Swiss mathematician Leonhad Eric in 1740. Seeing this formula this formula this formula does not feel its charm, then he cannot become a mathematician. "

    is the magic of this Euler formula. The five constants are combined in a very beautiful form:
    E -Natural pairing, representing nature
    π — the perians, representing unlimited
    It represents the imagination
    1 —D number one, which represents the starting point
    0 — the number zero, which represents the combination of the end point
    Eurla formula hints: nature is full of unlimited imagination, but will eventually return to the end.
    This of our universe was a surge in 13.8 billion years ago, so what happened 13.8 billion years ago? Perhaps before the birth of our universe, the universe has experienced countless surge and contraction, and the universe will collapse into a surprise in the future. During this period, countless possibilities will be filled, but they will eventually return to the end.

    It the virtual number also implies the attributes of time in physics, such as the four -dimensional time and space of the general theory (Mincofoski time and space) is the virtual number; E^ie = cosx isinx, with the increase of X, the mathematical graphics of this formula rotate around the original point and define the domain in [-1, 1], which may imply the infinite expansion and contraction of the universe.
    It simple mathematical formulas, only the most basic operational symbols are used, which not only connects the five most basic constants in mathematics, but also contains such a profound principles of cosmic philosophy. It is called " The first formula of the universe is not too much.
    In mathematics, you can no longer find a formula that can be comparable to it. Perhaps only the quality energy equations in physics can still be higher; for example, the mathematical formula below The basic constant, but far from the Euler formula.

    Euler formula is not only beautiful, but also has huge practical value. For example, when studying AC power, it is indispensable. Mathematical tools, polar coordinate switching requires it, and requires the common points to need it. It can be greatly simplified to study any circular motion using the Euler formula.

  3. Euler, one of the four kings of mathematics, has always been known as a genius among genius. He invented a series of symbols that have far -reaching influence on humans, such as π, f (x), SIN, COS, TG, etc. Euler can say that he has successfully contributed many knowledge points to Chinese mathematics textbooks. Let Chinese students work hard in the college entrance examination mathematics hell.
    , college students cannot escape the torture of Burra. From the Euler lines of primary geometry, the Euler theorem of the polyhedron, the solid Euler transformation formula, the four equations in the number theory to the Euler solution of the Euler function, the Euler equation of the differential equation, the Euler constant of the class theory The Euler equation and the recurrence functions of the division method are all gifts he gave to the University of Sciences.
    By the way, he also founded several new disciplines: topology, tractology and analytical mechanics. His family burned most of his achievements. He was blind in his later years, but this did not prevent him from making more achievements in mathematics. He can rely on mental arithmetic to add 17 projects of the complex convergence series to 50th.
    The most famous Euler Formula, which is very simple, but known as the first formula in the universe, including all mathematical truths. However, even if many mathematical communities have been understood throughout their lives, this formula is difficult to calculate. You can prove it in any way. You can prove it in many different ways. You can prove it in mathematical induction, reasoning, score guidance, recurrence function, and even plane geometry, physics and topology. That's why he is said to include all the mathematical truths, and even the most reasonable laws in the universe.
    Chad Feynman, a physicist, exclaimed: Euler Heng and other formulas are not only "the most wonderful formulas in mathematics", but also a quantitative heel of modern physics. Gauss once said: "If a person does not feel its charm when he sees this formula for the first time, he cannot become a mathematician."

  4. Because the five parameters of this formula are the most commonly used constant in mathematics, this parameter is summarized into a mathematical formula, which is very attractive!

  5. China Zhouyi, Fu Yi, Luban, Yuan Tianzhang, Guiguzi, Liu Bowen. Classic philosophy. Writing and creative, that does not exceed Euler, Fema, Gothbach, Einstein, Riemann guessed! Primary school knowledge and thinking clock programming A Ⅰ system.

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