1 thought on “Is it an illegal fund -raising of the Changle Road Branch of Jizhitang?”

  1. At present, I have not heard of illegal fundraising, and no reports have been seen in the news. The answers cannot be given.

    . Funding characteristics
    . The fund -raising of the department with no authority approved by the department without the approval authority is approved by the relevant department; Main qualifications
    . The promise pays the funders to pay interest within a certain period of time. In addition to currency forms in the form of monetary interest, there are physical forms and other forms.
    . Give funds for unspecified objects to society. The "unspecified object" here refers to the public, not a specific minority.
    . The essence of illegal fundraising is covered in a legal form. In order to cover up its illegal purpose, criminals often sign contracts with investors (victims), disguised as normal production and operation activities, and maximize the ultimate goal of their fraudulent funds.

    The means of specific means:
    (1) Promise high returns to make up the myth of "falling pie in the sky" and "one -night wealthy". The lure for profits is the only way for all fraud criminals to deceive the masses.
    (2) Formation of false projects or setting up a trap contract to deceive the masses into the quagmire step by step.
    (3) Confusing the concept of investment and wealth management, so that the masses lost judgment before the dazzling new terms.
    (4) Put the facade and use a legal coat or celebrity effect to deceive the trust of the masses.
    (5) Use the network to implement crimes and avoid blows through virtual space.
    (6) Use spirit, personal compulsory or affectionate deception, and continuously expand the victims.

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