3 thoughts on “Which country is this country's money exchanged for RMB?”

  1. Themtica currency in Mozambique country
    exchange amount:
    100mzn = 10.529cny
    n (exchange rate update time: 2022-05-12 05:20:38)
    (here to explain!
    don’t know this country! Unclear whether it is the old version! Don't change it!
    The change in the collection market !!!)
    I just checked it! This is the 1972 version!

  2. This is Vietnam's 2000 shield banknotes in 1988. "Hai nghin dong" means Vietnamese "two thousand shields". The front of the banknotes is Ho Chi Minh, and the back is the textile factory. According to the current exchange rate, 1 Vietnam Shield = 0.0003043 yuan, 2000 shield banknotes can be exchanged for RMB 0.6. However, there is a collection value, and the new one is worth about 3 yuan in the postal trading market.

  3. You are 1,000 Eskado of Mozambique in 1972. It has long been invalidated and cannot be exchanged for RMB. Now the new coin collection market is about four or five yuan.
    The currencies circulating in Mozambique now replaced the original currency Metecar in 2006. Eskado is an old currency replaced by Metica in 1980.

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