1 thought on “What does Meticais mean? How many RMB can 500Meticais be exchanged?”

  1. Mozambique Meticais (Meticais) is a circulating currency of Mozambique.
    Mozambik Matica currency

    currency number MZN.
    The ratio of Metecar to the RMB was obtained through two conversion (the exchange rate of Mittic and the US dollar, the exchange rate of the US dollar and the RMB). Because the exchange rate of Metica and the US dollar and the exchange rate of the US dollar and the RMB are changing every day, it is difficult to accurately say that 100 Mittica is converted to RMB. Because Mozambique is an agricultural country, it is one of the most developed countries announced by the United Nations. Therefore, the average US $ 1 was exchanged for 26876 Metecar (exchange rate in March 2006). The $ 1 was exchanged for about 8 yuan. According to this, 100 Metica was converted to about 0.03 yuan.

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